First I want to say that I claim to be no expert in what is to be discussed in the following - however, I do find that this information should be known.


Knowledge doesn't always come from reading or having a positive experience.  At times it comes when someone is trying to attack you or is putting pressure on you in order to control you.   As such, being put in a position, I've had to learn this information to hold my ground: "I WILL NOT BE PUSHED AROUND ANY LONGER."


Many of us are in the know when it comes to the idea of fractional banking, and how banks create money out of thin air and charge interest to the people. Just to recap of course, since the money is backed by nothing, hence the term LEGAL TENDER. This of course means that the people of a country are the energy source - the people are giving $ value.  Since money = people's work, the banks are of course committing fraud by loaning out bank notes ( money that does not  exist.... because banks don't do any work) and they charge interest.  In short, its a scam.



People of course started to realize this and began looking for legal solutions - only to realize of course the legal system created rules that PERSONS had to accept notes or face consequences...: they are unaware that they are holders of a NAME which was given to them to them by the STATE or CROWN.


Before doing research on Law, remember there are people out there who are not interested in telling people the truth.  Many have been jailed for showing incompetence before the law society.  There are agents out there selling false information; either that or they are not aware that their remedies no longer work, and are in fact causing more damage and giving people false hope.  At the end of the day its about being competent and remembering who you are.

No need to cling to a magic remedy to solve your problems.


There are two main things I wanted to bring up, because its by far the two most common subjects which builds a foundation upon which many claim their rights - The Birth Certificate and Common Law.


Is the Brith Certificate a bond?

What it Common Law?  Does it still exist?


When you are born into society, your parents filled out certificate of live birth, and a birth certificate.  

Why two separate forms?    


The powers that be claim your body using a live birth record.  However, they also create a FICTIONAL ENTITY via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

e.g. john smith = living flesh


*It is also to my innerstanding that the ceremony known as Baptism, when one receives a certificate of baptism from the state or the church, claim to have "title" to your mind and soul.  When it comes to studying the law all paths lead to ROME...let's just leave it at that. Essentially, the people known as the Vatican, by their "authority", own your mind, body and soul.


soul - who you really are.

john smith - living fleshly body.



When the JOHN SMITH is created the parents will get a Birth Certificate, BC.  Many studying this knowledge have two takes on this.  Many are saying that your BC is a BOND and has been monetized to some value in the millions.  "That the BC bonds are sold and traded on the stock market..."  To me this doesn't really make sense - even though that's what's being spread.  Why would people purchase your BC?  There's demand for BCs??...  Most people buy items to make a return on their investment...let's go back to bonds. 


A BOND is something many INVESTORS choose to purchase to get return on their investment.  People invest in the government: they purchase treasury bonds with the hopes that they will get some cashflow.  Where does the cashflow come from?  They are in fact gambling that citizens pay their taxes, (which of course there's not law to pay..see Aaron Russo's Film: freedom to fascism.


People do so anyway because they are being bullied by the IRS or whatever ABC company in their country....the investors get paid because the COMPANY known as lets say USA is able to pay their investors thanks to the energy of its taxpayers.


(note this is my not take it at face value)

The idea that the BC is a bond doesn't make much sense...I mean who actually buy's people BCS to make a return on investment?  The powers that be already own you....who are they going to trade with?  Who's getting cash flow out of a BC....well nobody....  cause you see the BC is simply a receipt that an event took place.  So of course we have people claiming that the Governments monetized your BC...and its worth millions. Its not exactly the case.... 

The BC may just be a receipt that a NAME was created....with you being the holder (not owner) of that NAME. 

A NAME or account was created, and a value was most likely assessed (many saying something in the millions).

*VITAL STATISTICS actually estimate how much an average person is worth during their lifetime.


When you sign up for facebook, ning, or some online account, you create a ID NAME. You get an e-mail, and verification that the account as been created.  Note, you don't OWN the NAME, your are the holder or USER of the account. Relating back to the BC, the BC is like a verification, a recording that an event took place...its not worth anything, its just a receipt.   Your USERNAME and your VERIFICATION E-MAIL are not the same.


However, there is research saying the following: that it is in fact the live borne record which is monetized, NOT THE BC: Live Birth Record is a record the the living flesh was born:


"Live Birth Record (Roman System), [THIS IS NOT A BIRTH CERTIFICATE] innocently filled out by parents inform the historical event details of the entry into the world of a spiritual being utilizing a flesh vessel for a temporary experience in the material dimension. The system then creates a Birth Certificate, which is a Title of Ownership, and we are not the owner. Then name provided by the parents is then entered on an Official Roll (Roll means Bound or Bonded or under Bondage). This is the Act of Birth, the Birth of a Person(legal fiction) and a Cestui Qui Vie Trust and the baby is declared incompetent and intestate at this point. The same as dead. The system requires us to comply with registration of babies under threat of punishment, which is duress, and all that stems from duress is fraudulent."
























So why is it that FREEMAN-ON-LAND is continuing to spread such information that the BC is a BOND? 

Why are people in the Commercial Redemption movement using A4V, assuming that the BC is a BOND?


Its either many are agents or in fact the rules of the game have changed and their information is out of date; as in people who have been compartmentalized in the past have now been trained with the appropriate counter-response. 

That's not to say the value of one's labour has not been monetized, it just means that the BC itself has no value: its the NAME, the actual trust which was created that has value - the BC is proving that such a trust exists.


THE FREEMAN perspective also tells people one only has to be concerned with the Law and that LEGAL codes to not apply to the an individual. Rules, Codes, apply to the corporate NAME. LEGAL and Law are not the same.....this is of course very true, but its not the whole story..


According to the FREEMAN-ON-LAND perspective, since man lives on land, we can declare our rights via: Law of the land.. using a Common law jurisdiction and claim our rights.


So... let's look at this,,,,

To my knowledge, the Law Society has 3 forms of law:


UCC - Uniform Commercial Code

(case law, the law taught law schools in by the BAR society are just codes and regulations based around the UCC):


Admiralty Law


Talmud Law.


What happen to the common law?  Common law is DEAD and has been for a long time.  Which is thy COMMON LAW COURTS do not exist in today's world: it was abolished back in 30s.... and replaced with the UCC (our current slave laws.)


I just find it odd.... we see all these freeman youtube videos with footage of courts battles....why is it being exposed so easily?   Well if we stop and think about it....its because COMMON LAW is dead, and the powers at be are most likely allowing small wins to take place, while the majority of the more quiet cases don't make it on the scene.  (again these are only opinions...)


Common = communis.--> com/comitto = "to entrust, commit" and munis = "burden, public duty, service or obligation".

which essential means voluntary servitude.  Entrust, of course means that someone gave you right of use to your freedom in fact has been entrusted by the real lords of the land.  This of course means that "Common Law" was essentially a law of the slaves, and was recently upgraded to the UCC.


So how can FREEMAN-ON-THE LAND- claim freedom when its foundation, Common Law, is based on slaves laws of the past which have been abolished and replaced with UCC laws.


Clearly there's something going on here.  There is much confusion as well as information that is being spread that may be just plain wrong.  Just because something looks all hyped up, doesn't mean its the truth.


A World of Slavery:




The powers that be don't play by their own rules: I once had a credit card company try to settle with me for about 50% from what I originally "owed".  At first they started threatening me, piling up interest and claiming I "owed" more money; (they try to trick you to thinking you have no power, and you are a NAME and you do not innerstand their rules... call their bluff and goes through these people.)


What does this tell you?  Their world is a world of contracts and corporate fiction.  Its all about business to them.  Its a game which they have created, and the rules of their game are not known to the public.


First of all, remember that the banks are committing fraud.  The money doesn't exists in the first place.  Secondly, in order to charge interest the bank should have lost something....the banks don't lose anything...because they don't put up anything of value.  For one to charge interest and contract to be binding there should have been a loss.   You are not stiffing anyone.  Its just programming that has been ingrained into your head that you hurt the bank and owe them money.  This is not the case, the bank is not your friend, they are counterfeiters who have created legal rules of a game to entrapped and take away your energy by charging interest on money that doesn't exist.  Lastly your are not a NAME, you are not a corporate fiction; you do not own THE NAME, you are were placed as holder of the NAME by the STATE/CROWN.  Their business is not with you, point them in the right direction, their BUSINESS is with the TRUSTEE, the crown.


e.g. a CC company is asking NAME (corporate fiction) for $ which they claim the NAME owes.  You are not the NAME and furthermore, you don't own the NAME, the GOVERNMENT does.  If you respond unknowingly that you are the NAME or the OWNER of the name, well again, they don't play by their own rules, they assume you are a NAME and OWNER and come after you.  If you do not respond, they assume you have dishonored them and thus automatically consider you as the NAME.


*you have two choices, don't play their game or learn their rules and ZERO your account using contracts and the UCC.   If you choose to play their game, just remember they won't play by their own rules, they'll do everything to trick and test you to see if you are competent. 


Our focal point is the most high/ the source...the powers that be are "claim ownership" over you....its up to you to claim it back on behalf of yourself - your are not property.  Remember who you are.  They may try to lock you up, and even succeed in doing so, but you are always free in mind and soul.


Mary Croft's Book: How I clobbered....

Roman Law vs. Natural Law

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Comment by Jon Vincent on July 8, 2011 at 9:49pm
Debbie, thanks for the response.  Just remember its hard to convey tone in words.  Leave your judgement at the door - I posted this info to help others who have nothing and are at times are fearful - the paper game is program that takes away energy and keeps beings off balance - in essence effects internal state.  You don't know me personally, and you're only seeing of fractal a part my reality through a "blog".   Focal point is indeed ascension.  You are correct.
Comment by Debbie_Duberstein_Esd. on July 8, 2011 at 8:15pm

As a newbie to the web and computer-handlng of data,it seems to me that all this research and etc. 

related to one's legal identity per se is an example of not seeing the forest for the trees.

If one thinks about metaphysical ideas and spiritual values,there is no need to obsess over the paper world of lawyering and legal fictions.

Noone matters but one's internal state.

If external circumstance is so important,then you've already conceded most of your reality-zone to raw materialism and banal trivia.

Perhaps you should don a hair shirt and retreat to an cave in the wilderness for the next century or aeon so as to clear your head of such trivial matters.

Comment by White Knight on July 7, 2011 at 9:57am
As well there's more interest then there is money circulating which means many are slaves to the system or at least off the grid. Banks act in your interest but at the end of the day they're a private corporation. Thanks for the update Jon. Peace and Wholeness
Comment by Interbeauty on July 6, 2011 at 8:47pm
Soooooo on time!  Very useful information!


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