Self-Experiment to Change to a More Loving and Gratuitous Frequency


For at least 10 minutes daily over a period of two weeks; I will close my eyes sit straight up with legs crossed do the mudra described in the video, and silently recite "Infinite love and gratitude" while focusing on my heart and my crown chakras. As a side note, I also have a piece of orgonite resting at the point where my legs meet (near both of my ankles). There is no specific placement of the orgonite that I used, and I really don't have a good reason for why I used it other than the fact that it felt like I should. I don't think it will matter too much if you have orgonite or not. I also plan on buying a glass jar to fill with water and writing "Infinite love and gratitude" on the side of it. I will fill this jar up the night before, leave it in the fridge and drink it throughout the day. In addition, I may also find a solid solfeggio frequency that would be suitable for what I am trying to accomplish. I'll let you know which one I choose if any. I will be sure to add, according to the daily entries, what day I implemented the above two, for lack of a better term, techniques (water and sound). I will also try to add an accurate time and whether or not any of the elements of the experiment were not included on a certain day and why. 

The goal of this experiment is to put together a multitude of different techniques that resonate with me into a daily practice and to share the results of that practice to you, in hopes that you can use this to bring about change in your life and/or improve upon the success of this experiment (I would say the success or failure of the experiment but come on, it sounds pretty solid right ;)

I will start this tomorrow, the 23rd of Sep 2012.

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