I have a question about the following numbers and I was hoping that some of you could give me some insight as to what they mean- if they mean anything at all. For as long as I can remember the number 27 has been my favorite number- I like the way it looks. It speaks to me somehow. I was wondering if it has some kind of significance. The same goes for the number 916 (as in september 16 (2007)).

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Comment by Darren on August 16, 2011 at 2:03pm

With 916 = 7 x 37

37 is significant as the next ring of circles on the Flower of Life pattern would be 18

as in 1 surrounded by 6, surrounded by 12, surrounded by 18

1+6+12+18 = 37

providing a visual framework for the fine structure cosmic constant.

Comment by Darren on August 15, 2011 at 2:35pm

Hi a3on!

27 is 3 cubed and 916 is a product of the two primes 7 and 37.

37 is signifficant as according to R. Allendy, it is "the individual evolution in the cosmic organization".

According to Fathers of the Church, thirty seven is a symbol of the Christ. It is the symbol of the alive word of God. To this number is thus allotted a certain dignity.

According to the antique science of Chaldeans, the number 37 symbolizes the Force, the Capacity and the Power.

The number 37 is the thirteenth prime number if we count 1 like such.

13 is the 7th number in the fibonacci sequence.

In 1916 the fine structure cosmic constant was discovered ( 0.37 parts per billion ).



Hope that helps make a connection or two!

You might enjoy the Denmark, Danmark, DNA mark connection here:


it's a frequency I resonate to as there is a DAN in DArreN!


Comment by Rafael Estrella on August 14, 2011 at 3:54am

Go here and search your name, you will be amazed at the power of numbers:

http://www.paulsadowski.com/Numbers.asp (Be sure to use your Full Birth Name)

Also has a birthday calculator:



The number 27 can be simplified to 9 (2+7).  9 is also my favorite number 9 ( :

Then number 9 symbolizes Rebirth. It is associated with unconditional love, reward, leadership by example, dramatic endings, emotional love, emotional crisis, the finest life has to offer, conclusions, deep love, compassion, magnetism, travel, idealism, charity, artistic and creative matters, developing spirituality, romance, forgiveness. 

Balanced 9 energy: artistic, philanthropic, affectionate, creative, forgiving, passionate, benevolent, warm, tolerant, sentimental, loving, liberal, generous, enthusiastic, trustworthy, hospitable, humane. 

Over-balanced 9 energy: deceiving, self-centered, hedonistic, lacking integrity, over-emotional, prejudiced, resentful, bad example, irresolute, dejected, vindictive, hateful, hostile. 

Under-balanced 9 energy: ultraconservative, impersonal, distant, unemotional, elusive, submissive, drifting, faint-hearted, victimized, disloyal, hazy.


The number 916 is then simplified to 7 (9+1+6).  Another one of my favorite numbers ( :

The number 7 symbolizes Thought/Consciousness. It is connected to mysticism, intuition, inner growth, examination, study, analysis, reflection, lowered physical vitality, increased mental activity, conserving assets, planning, attracting unsolicited help, specialization, solitude, health issues, travel.

Balanced 7 energy: metaphysical interests, different wavelength, intellectual, clairvoyant, analytical, perceptive, scientific, exact, meditative, mystical, expert, bookish, poised, telepathic, visionary, deep, dreamer, instinctive, reflective, truth-seeker, studious, wise. 

Over-balanced 7 energy: fearful, nervous, critical, paranoid, indecisive, secretive, repressed emotions, distrustful, guarded, intimidating, fussy, evasive, fanatic, self-conscious, secretive, perfectionist, impersonal, pessimistic. 

Under-balanced 7 energy: lack of depth, naïve, ignorant, too trusting, empty-headed, mystified, superficial, lack of faith, undeveloped, uninformed, unsure.


Numbers Behind Letters: A J S = 1, B K T = 2, C L U = 3, D M V = 4, E N W = 5, F O X = 6, G P Y = 7, H Q Z = 8, I R = 9


Link: http://afgen.com/same_number.html


"Number is the most primal archetype of order in the human mind. Therefore it is pre-existent to human consciousness."- Carl Jung


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