Profound Piracetam Insights of a Free Man Posing as a Worker in a Dead End Job

Which Way is your Chakra turning ?
Which Way is your Heart beating ?

What Colors do you use to paint the world on the inside on your eyes
When you realize
The distance between you and the skies ?

Who's your daddy, who's your god ?
Mighty Mighty dollar, make me a snob
Close my eyes to matters
That shatter the dream
That crack the fishtank
I've been living in :)

Is that you ? Is this me ?
Can it really be ?

Jesus made of dollars, nailed to Rasdaq cross
Crowned in Muslim victims, someone call the Boss
Tell'em matrix's buggy, make another One,
Bring some more reptilians, let us have some fun


Make sure to wear your seatbelt
As you check your bag
Filled with medicine and colors
For the head :)

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Comment by hellco on April 21, 2010 at 12:41pm
Thanks Melisa, I normally don't write or read poetry, but that evening the words just banged on my skull telling me to release 'em :)

Piracetam is good for you, read about it, inform yourself and if available, give it a shot. Recommended for anyone that has to learn for studies, give tests, write papers and so on. It helps focus / concentration. Take with a Choline source, like Lecitine or Choline Bitartrate.

As I said reading and writing are not my favourite forms of perception transfer, so look for my stuff more in the video area, and perhaps some images if I ever get around to uploading :)


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