Patience usually means to not respond to unreasonable “pushy” pressure. Patience is a strength and virtue that comes from within through a self-concious initiative and an awareness of disipline. It is an inner pressure that works to cancel out or dissolve disaster creating outer pressures. It is not difficult to understand that blindly adopted compulsions may take over someone until they do everything at the wrong speed, the wrong time and in the wrong way. Patience can disconnect people from the outside pressures or compulsions that always prevent them from acting in accord to their best interests. It can create a complete dis-connect from the matrix and machine on the outside world. The matrix of patterned error and needless suffering. It serves as an ANTI-PROGRAM.

Applying controlled amounts of patience can improve virtually every negative condition or situation that seeks to perpetuate itself in a lifestyle. Hurry and worry tends to perpetuate itself until that's all that is availible. Patience works in the opposite direction. When consistently applied, balance and more time is attracted to one's daily schedule- by fundamental law. With patience, so comes a second type of reasoning- which can make someone more rational and effective towards the things they engage in. Patience is like having self-control on one's side at almost all times. The opposite of patience is usually unreasonable stress, pressure and blind compulsions, which perpetuate repetitive or re-occurring problems.

When we practice patience towards our situations, we allow a more reasonable pattern of things to unfold before us. Patience can expel most pressures outside of us instead of letting it build up from within and send us off in wrong and untimely directions. Patience is also what allows one to master the art of meditation- naturally and effortlessly. Pushing one’s self to experience something in meditation is like building a card castle destined to fall.

Consequently, the very act of applying patience may even disturb peers around you (because it will reveal their own obnoxiousness or impatience) or it will usually compel them to finally become reasonable and understand the fact that everyone cannot function on their demanding schedule. Everyone has their own pace for functioning and doing things. We cannot always copy others because we are not “drones.” Patience equals self-control. Minimum error and mistakes. An enjoyable, reasonable and healthy atmosphere.

(Written by Nathan L. Earney)

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Comment by I Am Lov bt mom named me Sophia on December 11, 2010 at 3:29pm

very well written. very very good point


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