Observing Natures frequencies through my grandparents Eyes True Story from my past

As a young boy growing up my grandmother and father could predict the weather by focusing on the animals and plants around them.was this a frequency thing are was it more the fact of behaviour patterns of the animals before the storm.my grandmother would tell me most plants give off a stronger scent before the storm than usually.and that the birds would fly more lower to the ground and also she would say it smells like rain. that if you would go to the woods that mostly you could hear a pin drop due to the quietness of the animals in the woods which have braught about the old saying "the quiet before the storm" and the funniest thing was my grandfather would always be headed to the nearest pond are river to fish.but to my amazement he would always come back with loads of fish.as a child I thaught he was a magician are something.but as I got older I ask him how he knew about the fish he said nature has a way of giving one signals and if one respects that they will benefit naturally but if they dont then this cycle will harm ones instinct to natural life cause and affect.both my grandparents believed in natures action reactions affects.and distilled in me these great lessons of survival which I still hold true to.there are certain animals that eat certain plants when the moon is right .there are things which I understand today was a gift of observation that many folks overlook today.also as a child playing in the yard, A snake came before me about 20ft and my grandfather ran off the front porch and drew a circle around this snake and said a few words and the snake rolled over on its back into a knot. the snake couldnt leave the circle until my grandfather with his foot break the circle,and when he did the snake left with speed in the other direction.it was strange but it happened.we go through life sometimes excluding nature,but embracing technology which all isnt bad.today I find those old gifts from my grandparents priceless.

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Comment by ArcofJustice on August 5, 2010 at 10:34am
Thxs Whole,one is steal learning the great cause and affects but for the most part one sees a beautifull light to embrace,sorry for the late response my mind wonders on all plains and subjects.doors open and one must move to other levels in this demension.
Comment by whole on August 2, 2010 at 10:57am
beautiful story.... thanx for sharing...


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