New Innerstanding Audio via Esoteric Radio

Wholeness to you and yours,

I would like to present some new works for the Resistance family and beyond.  This

installment features Sevan through his auditory journeys via Esoteric Radio as both

a host and guest on various programs heard throughout the planet.  As always, I wanted

to layer some of his Innerstanding to you with various sound stimuli and beat landscapes

that hopefully resonate with you.  

In Balanced Vibration,

D. Math

Quest of the True Prophets --

Description:  An in-depth exploration through the Innerverse, guided by Sevan of The Resistance.

Muladhara Chakra | Polar Spheres | Lunar Archives | Ancient Knowledge | Arc | 
Horned Deities | Cymatics | Etymology | Ma'at Mantras | Currency | Zodiacal Wheels 
| Crown Beings | Indigenous Flora | Light x Sound Frequencies | Spiritual Technology

feat. Sevan Bomaer, The Resistance, Terrence McKenna, The Architect, Morpheus, & Portishead. Mixed by David Mathematics for Innerstanding Creations


Astral Plane Navigation (Lucid Stream)

An auditory aesthetic providing high-level instruction on Lucid stream dreaming, guided by Sevan Bomaer of The Resistance.

Astral Projection | Subconscious Security | Professional Reincarnation | Entry Points | Gateways | Ethereality | Ascension Techniques | Inner Current | Knowledge of the 13 | L!ght Sensitivity | Conductivity | Theta-Zone | Riders of the Wave | NeoUniversalism | Innerstanding | Astral Logic


Path of the Adept (In-The-Gnosis Stream):

Awakening Sentience | Biorhythmic Proliferation | Authentic Creativity | Archonic Interception | Higher Chakra Reception | Fractal Innerstanding | Phi | Pentagram | Prometheus | The MultiDimensional Self | Harmonics | Meridian Systems | Cyclical Energy | Jerusalem Syndrome 

"The Universal System is Quite Apparent; Quite a Parent." 

In a continued effort to restore Ancient Gnosis into progressive formats, The Resistance presents cutting-edge information to supplement the Path of the Adept into Ascension Consciousness. Featuring Resistance Originator Sevan Bomaerr, Bashar, Flying Lotus, & RadioHead.

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Comment by C Thy Catalyst on August 9, 2012 at 6:50am
Looking forward to the next one man!
Comment by David_Mathematics on August 8, 2012 at 3:10pm

Wholeness to you all and I am honored to present this work to you...  Thank you for the encouraging words, family.  much more to come.

Comment by amargi oni twa on August 5, 2012 at 7:18am

thks dav,it was awesome! it placed me in a mellow, with a need to produce groove. so i spent sunday morning cleaning house and vibing!!!

Comment by C Thy Catalyst on August 3, 2012 at 9:43pm

Always love you're work Dav!, I've been listening to it quite a bit and each one is unique its awesome! Even more so when I'm in the Forrest or with the big Ferns :)

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on August 3, 2012 at 2:04pm

wonderful, and what a synch, on the day you made this i also had a strong compulsion to compile some of our daily talks with music.

they are quite mellow, so i was putting together bonobo, general fuzz, ambient jazz electronic stuff with it.

anyway, i really like your comp I lat ions, they let me figure out l'atitude and longitude, so thanks, dude! :D


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