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Realm Dynamics: An Esoteric Radio Exclusive -- (Election 2012)


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“Cloud Atlas” waxes on Multiplicity; Reincarnation; Twin-flames; Causality.


During my encounter with “Cloud Atlas” – the film was accompanied by a myriad of film previews that piqued the mind’s imagination, opening up the viewer to themes of bright-eyed hope & resiliency in “The Impossible” trailer (Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts) – the urgency and cold truth emanating off of “Zero Dark Thirty” (from the director of “The…


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New Innerstanding Audio via Esoteric Radio

Wholeness to you and yours,

I would like to present some new works for the Resistance family and beyond.  This

installment features Sevan through his auditory journeys via Esoteric Radio as both

a host and guest on various programs heard throughout the planet.  As always, I wanted

to layer some of his Innerstanding to you…


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New Resistance Audio feat. Sevan & Esoteric Radio

Wholeness x BV -

Just wanted to share some new work with the family -->

A Nephilim Saga (Anunnaki TrillWave):


Description:  HyperDimensionalism | Nephilim Knowledge | Neo-Universalism | Ma'athematics | Innerstanding | Activation |…


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Wholeness x BV -

Wanted to share some new works with the family.  The point of these works is to bring people up

to speed with the powerful gnosis and information delivered by Sevan on his various radio

appearances.  For those who may not have had a chance to listen to them in entirety - this

is an opportunity to cut through the…


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