We all love our children and its almost X Mas, Santa Claus is on his way.
So may I suggest you a nice idea, my new children book just published and its all about a message of love for the next generation to create a beautiful peaceful world full of love and harmony, are you curious and first at all, I will tell you in a short story how my book is born.

Once, and it happen few years a go, 11 years to be precisely, I had a dream, not a normally dream like always. I wake up the next morning and could remember every detail, I knew why I was here on this planet, I knew more or less what could be my mission, because we all are here for a purpose. The all day I put the piece of this puzzle together and in the evening, I knew that I had to write this message of love, this message of love will be destined to the young and next generation.
I couldn't go to sleep, so I start to write and the words just flow from my mind to the paper where the words following a story filled the blank pages one to another, sometime I stop, walk outside, look to the amazing million's of stars in the sky, smile, feel happy and beloved, not in a physical way, I felt very strong the love of our Creator of Creation, this eternal and universal love that bound us all together and as children of the Universe we are One with our Creator. It was an amazing experience, and after while I went back in side and start to write again, I didn't get tired and also didn’t notice the time, when suddenly it was daylight outside. The entire night I have been writing, and after reading the pages one to another, I was asking myself, did I write this, where the inspiration came from, it was a great feeling, my first message of love was done, it was in 1999.
Of course it was like a rough diamond and it toke me 11 years to finish it, to work it out.
Why so long, well the time fly, for 3 years I didn’t look at it or even read it until I quit my relation and that give me more freedom to spend again time to my spiritual evolution. One day cleaning my flat I found the rough manuscript, I toke the time to read it and with my new me, I decide to make some illustrations, change from a rough direct doc. to a nice and warm dialog between me and my Grand Ma because this is how happen 11 years a go, in this wonderful “dream” my Grand Ma remember me of my first spiritual encounter with her when I was still a young boy.
That's how my book is born, with the inspiration out my first spiritual encounter with the spirit of my Grand Ma and the love of the Creator receiving 11 years a go when my Heart was open for his light. And this my dearest friend's is the reason why I had to write this message of love, this is a part of my mission here on this beautiful planet who is our mother, and a mother that we have to cherish so much because she love us unconditionally. And with this message of love destined to the young generation, they will understand why they are here and who they are, and they will all together build a world full of love, peace and compassion for each other no matter the colors, no matter they will respect each other because they will understand that they all are a big family, that they all are brothers and sisters from one universal family beloved by the Creator of Creation.
And that's how my book is born,now if you are interested you can find it by pointing on the image below to activate the banner!!!

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and here I will give you a small intro from the first chapter , the first page
This book is dedicated to my daughters
Nina Durante and Nathalie Durante,
to my Grandma Charlotte Dumas,
and every one who read this book, and see it as one inspiration to wake up and discover who they really are.

“Please never forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on the planet Earth, and not human having a spiritual experience.”

I want to give a special thank for Alex Moreham who make this book possible with her correction.

Be blessed by the Love and the Light of the Creator, who inspire me to write this book.

Contents of matter

Chapter one
Grand Mother, you returned…

Chapter two
The Little Light Point …

Chapter three
Who is the Creator…

Chapter four
Our lifestyle choice…

Chapter five
With different bodies…

Chapter six
First holograms…

Chapter one.
Grand Ma, you returned…

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Roberto, although he didn’t know it, he was going to play an important role in the future.

One night, after he had brushed his teeth, Roberto climbed into bed and turned out the light.

He closed his eyes for a good nights sleep and started to dream….

But wait, this was not a dream!! His Grand Ma, who he believed was dead for a few years, was there, sitting on the end of his bed smiling at him! How was this possible?

Roberto was so excited! Here was his beloved Grand Ma! He lent towards her to touch her but Grand Ma made him understand that this was not possible. As he started to see her clearly, she did not have a body like him, she was made of light, like a rainbow in a human form.

Roberto sat up straight in his bed and said…

“Grand Ma, how is this possible, that you are here with me in my room?”

Roberto couldn't believe what he was seeing.

And if you like it you also have the opportunity to become fan of my Little Light Point at
and please help me to realize my dream and mission , that every children in the world read this message of love for a peaceful world full of love and compassion for each other <3

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