dedicated to my new friend Truth Seeker

Truth Seeker,
I post this blog a month a go to another site after reading this comment on one anterior blog referring the chemtrail around the world, and dedicated to you today.
Maria,you are lucky. Here in the United States, we have "chem trails". Planes emit toxins in their vapors from the engines. They are toxic. It covers all, including our soil.
It is difficult to grow even a pure garden at home. If I had enough money, I would build a green house.I am most blessed to have a friend like you to tell the rest of us there are safe places to live and grow healthy food.
With much love,Lynn”

With this message from Lynn as comment to Maria, I felt sad and want to show you something, I don't pretend that I ma so powerful, it maybe have something to do with the location where I live, anyway it work!! look what happen with chemtrail here from hours to hours
it start at 8:30 in the early morning and you can all see that at night some planes let tail in the sky

Probably they found , it was it enough so at 8:45 pass another two and parallel together

than the sky look like this hours later

than I start to pray to the spirit of the air, begging if they could clean the sky please, just neutrolize and make disappear this chemtrail, and give us the clean sky again with the light, and look what happen after my prayer in just maybe 30 minutes time

and at least after few hour, the sky was totally clean again and the sun light was great and warm, look by yourself

so by showing you this, just judge by yourself, and why not to pray the same way I do, it will not damage you and if it work it will be another victory on the dark forces who are losing ground everyday, by the power of the light. The light is great and they “who ever they are” they listen to us when we ask for help, they are happy to help us, so pray to get in touch with them, they are love and love us unconditional and eternal and back to mother Earth everyday stronger :)

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Comment by Marilyn Mae on November 8, 2010 at 7:04pm
Look up orgonite..
Go to learn about orgonite, chembusters, and gifting cellphone towers... it IS working to clean up the sky!


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