mass gathering of conciousness a bad thing(david icke new jesus)

this guy in the article makes some interesting points but i dont trust em.It is interesting enough i hope to get some real break down because there is some higher information here but i seem to be having conflict with pieces ..


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Comment by Raymond Gene Key on July 10, 2011 at 8:47am

everywhere i seem to be seeing that,your right on kai agents on agents ,spy verse spy.It does seem to be geting pretty dense as far as the thickness of the crud that is distributed to the alternative media.I dont take anything seriously at rmn,notice though all the messaged from the angels and at time anna herself.just lines to see through.and the picture for rmn has the double headed eagle wich is on the morals and dogma by albert pike i have,shows connection.It is also very entertaining to listen to rayalens show she has there ,interesting guests at times but she is alwas talking about the wonderfull templars and how there the blood line of jesus here to save us essentialy but not in those words.

       people should definitly watch out for these controled gatherings.The article posted talks about group meditation as if it is a bad thing,i would say its about how much control you have and what your taping into

       its as real as is gets here thanks for response.wholeness to you


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