Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna

get….Wrong! :Life is what you make of it. If you want that dark

chocolate filled with caramel you got it. All it takes is a thought and

belief. Elders all my life told me if you put your mind and work hard to

a curtain subject in school, or sport, or a talent I would succeed in

it…but they didn’t tell me that I can manifest success just by faith. This

isn’t faith in god nor Jesus or any other prophet. This is faith in

yourself. Faith within ones self.

.. ..

Manifestation goes for the littlest things too. If you wake up in the

morning and first thing start thinking about the bills you have to pay, or

dreading going to the job you hate. Thats Negative thinking don’t waste

your thoughts. You are manifesting..stress..a bad day filled with nothing

but fear and unhappiness.

.. ..

Now if you wake up and just be thankful for another breath, or smile

for what you have, maybe hug a loved one. You are manifesting a good

day..a thankful, peace loving day. Life is all about living in the now..not

the past nor the in the now.

.. ..

People in this world today forgot to live in the now…their would be a lot

more stress free people if we lived in the now and had faith in ourselves.

And why not enjoy our precious lives with our gorgeous earth that is

full of loving energy that will heal all….now remember, see it, believe it,

manifest it.

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