Now everybody has their form of meditation where

they leave this world or matrix of ours and if they

don’t they should. This is a special time for one

individual, a time to get away and view this

illusion in a different angle, a time where you have

no reactions only instinct, a time where you have

no fear only infinite love, confidence, and one

consciousness. Some people or should I say

athletes call this getting in the zone…and it’s not

that they are so focused in the game but that they

are one with themselves…one consciousness. Like

I said everybody has there own special time maybe

it’s yoga, reading a book, surfing, running, or

maybe just sitting in a dark quiet empty room

alone. ....

.. ..

In this meditation state whatever form it is people

experience more spirituality then they know. This

is where the truth of living lies. Your brain isn’t

thinking at all, but your consciousness is like a

giant avalanche of infinite love, peace, and

harmony. You are connecting to the real way of


.. ..

Running is one of my ways of meditation and

when I’m running and looking at this world it’s not

with my 5 senses. I lose those. I can’t see with my

eyes or feel the wind in my face. I can’t taste or

smell the breeze and I can’t even hear the birds and

people surrounding the streets. I view this world

without these 5 senses but with my 6 sense one

consciousness. While I run up and down these

streets of ....Costa Rica.... in this state I am

connecting to my surroundings from the natives to

all living things I pass by.....

.. ..

When I’m connecting I notice the people or natives

seem a lot different. There is always a ora of

peacefulness surrounding them even though they

live in a hut, have only enough money to provide

for the family, have no car to travel, and sometimes

not even a roof over their heads. But some how

they still are full of life and have that peaceful ora

about them. ....

.. ..

I finally figured why…it’s because they have

mastered this meditation state I have been

explaining…. The real way of life… One

consciousness ..and infinite love.., they know we

are all one.....

.. ..

There form of meditation, aka getting in the

zone…is just LIVING. The way it was met to be.

Living in peace and harmony with all or should I

say with one. We should all be living this way.....

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Comment by Blyss on November 18, 2009 at 8:20am
Thank you for these words of wisdom.


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