Lao-tse said, “Winning without weapon is the real winning.”

Lao-tse said, “Winning without weapon is the real winning.”
For one, to strive for a strictly impersonal view of the Cosmos, to be cleansed from all his preconceived ideas, all the de-scriptions, all the in-formations one has gathered from the start of the game, without deeper inspection of their validity, that is for me a genuine path to the freedom and the mystery of the world, because a simple glimpse of that potential every now and then, makes me smile and makes me feeling happy, just to be alive, among all these wanders :)
I confirm from my own path in life, that we don't express what we really want to say or feel with the modern languages, that is so disappointing and disempowering indeed.
If you record a baby's mumbling and play it backwards, almost every time, you'll find logical and articulated words, because this part of the brain is still open - the mirror world of our "subconscious" mind speaks always the truth in reverse. This tool of self research, it was first mentioned by William Blake and rediscovered by David Oates, but after the latter exposed hidden truths, names of secret weapons and future actions of war in the reverse speeches of a certain political leader in the USA, he was forced then by CIA to water his interpretations to be just metaphors of a psychological type, when they are abstract warnings of the timeless universal mind ...
If you record or just try to hear your own voice, just to check the underlying feelings of the spoken words and the sincerity of your intention, you'd be astonished by the results, as the true facts are always reflected back in the reverse speech and the "subconscious" mind warns us continuously, for the real meaning of the "now" :)
One has to be cautious using this tool, because the invisible side will try to discourage him from trying to lift the veil among the worlds.
When someone is experimenting in the reverse speech, personal beliefs and wishful expectations must be put aside, as well a shield of protection created for his inner self must be defined clearly, because this field of research is full of invisible participants with different and contradictory intentions for the experimenter.
Contemporary psychiatry replaced and dismissed eons of knowledge in the demonology by purpose.
Ancient and foreign languages have been recorded in many reverse speech sessions. A prior knowledge of ancient demonic names is required.
Well, my time and your time is precious, so just for the confirmation of the truth, the reverse speech has been a valuable tool for me, although is too much time-consuming, but it has cleansed my mind from many fake thought-forms very quickly.
It is a therapeutical procedure to explore the 7th sense, the question is the answer in reverse :)
Love and consciousness to your path

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