Homeboy got caught throwing up the satanic sign at a Gospel Music Festival.

Okay now.... I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief but tonite i had attended a Gospel music fest which was in my state of GA. Usually every year this event travels through most of the southern states to acknowledge gospel groups of their talents as well as acknowledge pastors who had done "greatness" for their community.

I went to check out the bands and see some old friends. The event was held at the HIlton Hotel in Atlanta, GA and it was a a very nice location to have the event. I was in the room listening to the bands perform. Then the commentator came on stage and announced an wedding of a pastor who was getting married tomorrow and the crowd was clapping and saying the typical Jesus stuff. I was standing at the rear of the room since it was the safest place to be for me. However, as the people started to sit down and listen more to the commentator. I was about to head to the bathroom but decided to wait. I tried to leave on another occasion but somehow someone would always want to start a conversation with me...

But this time as i turned around while the crowd was facing the commentator, one man dressed in a white suit threw up his right hand and did the satanic sign with his index finger and is pinkey finder to create the horns. I was like WTF???? He had his hand up for at least five minutes i guess to make sure the commentator saw that one hf his "boys' was in the room. I looked at him and he had tried to change his hand from the horn to a simple high five

He was busted!!!!! I know there were more masons in the room because they have a certain stance about them yet phony. I shook my head in sadness because if they only knew and maybe they already know.

The pastor who was getting married looked like a high degree mason, he looked like he doesn't lift a finger to do any work just dictate to others to do things for him... Anyway,,, tonite was an interesting event. My EYE (s) were open to see that for sure. My dad saw it also and decided to get the hell outta there. He told me that he didn't like the vibe in the room. It was like puppeteers were dangling the people getting them to do what they wanted them to do while others watched and smiled with devilish glee....

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Comment by Tyrone Carter on October 12, 2010 at 3:31am
wow thats crazy a lot of things come to light when your eyes are open!
Comment by esdsix on August 23, 2010 at 11:44pm
You and your dad need to see 'The Arrivals', they explained all that to a "T"...Yup, and most ppl except the masons or circle thereof, have NO CLUE what it really mean...Its the 100th monkey theory! One sees it, others do it, no question of origin or meaning. And will accept anything that is told to them (The BS meaning, to keep it going). They even explain what the churches are all about. Here, ill leave u the link...Explore..



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