Thanks to Sevan for doing the research and making his contribution to ensuring we have the information to choose wisely our course in this existence.  With all the knowledge that has been bestowed upon us I hardly think we should be without results.  However, mustering up the will power to proceed in this charted direction can be a little daunting.

I personally feel weak in this area of will power which effects so many future possibilites of my life, not just pertaining to the spiritual.

How does one attain the fortitude and discipline that is required to further the goals we want to achieve?  Unless there is extraordinary desire to propel us forward we become a slave to the comforts of our physical selves and not masters of our existence in the true sense that our inner self controls the exterior.  Inertia affects us on so many levels.  I can see the relationship with physical fitness and achieving the power to activate the will.  Our internal must dictate the external, action can only produce activation. Working with the chakras, I have found the solar plexus to be my primary concern.  It is the seat of emotion=energy in motion and needs to be cleared, developed to be active to achieve every goal.

I have seen the many mudras for opening this chakra but still I wanted more.  I have acquired a solar plexus excercise that gets more of the body involved.  I believe that both can serve to equip one with more strength in this area.  I will surely incorporate them as I am needing a boost to my will power.  Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated.





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