First of all,thank you,for all your beautiful caring comments,it is the love
and the journey of no judgement you show,by simply being who you are...

Of late I felt that finally I connected with the Most High,
Well reconnected I should say...
I want to share a part of my journey to explain,how the knowledge came to me again..
We were never separated from the Most High.
Through this 3rd dimensional journey,I moved,to the place where you lose your job,your lifestyle,the car untill you have
nought...that place where your soul is the only spark of life you feel you have..
Some would call it the night of the soul,whatever it would be called,it is
that place you cannot move away from,unless a greater force intervenes..

What do you have,when you have nothing?well when you see nothing of your own existence?
The answer came from within my soul mind,and it was a diffrent voice ,one I have not heard perhaps for a very long time,that voice
That is soft and gentle an rings the same as your own voice,only there is a strength within its pattern of speech...
When you have heard that voice,than you have made contact with the Most High..
No presence or simbology or even colour,only this voice,make no mistake,
I have contested and challenged the thing that you are allowed to do,it is your right..
Not all voices are of the Most High,this I can assure you of..

Another thing that has made itself aware to me,is the
ability to now be able to see and hear all things that are discordant,at first you will feel
angry for being misled,than you will feel a driven passion to
change the world and rid every soul from “enslavement,“
Than you will see more great things unveiled...
Untill you than realize that you are finally connected,through
breath and soul...
No fear anymore,nothing is real and all that you are is what you are entitled to defend and

My vision states that all of us here will meet
100 years from now,and we will remember today.
I share my discovery with you,

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Comment by Adele Correnti on December 3, 2010 at 4:31pm
Really loved hearing about your experiences .....ty
Comment by Ryan McShane on December 2, 2010 at 2:29pm
What we do today will reflect on tomorrow, and we are eternal beings, so everything we do is ALWAYS worth fighting for.


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