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I like what I'm seeing within the resistance people willing and wanting to meet and organize and maybe even start communities. That is a dream come true for many of us now is the time for such a thing. The tools that we have within the internet has made it easy for us. They are planning to pass a bill to shut the net down when they want to, so NOW is definitely the time to exchange information and resources so nothing can stop this movement. Not one person amongst us are here by chance we all have something within us to share and bring light to the masses. We all have something to share with one another to futher this cause. We all were brought here with a purpose. Now is the time to think how can we all communicate if one door is shut. Telepathy would be so assume. but I havent got there yet. I am also for resistance communities full of love and knowing. Someone has already struck the match and now this thing will catch fire with the help of all. If we have no internet how will we communicate? A newsletter, mailing list, phone, I thing we should toss that idea around and come up with many solutions. I'm sure many of you have. Family continue to support each other and sevan. Things happen much faster when two or more agree and give there energy to the cause. We all have embarked on this fantastic voyage and we are one. Lets lend our voices, our talents, our gifts and our love to support one another to the fullest. Let ours be the beakon of light that attracts those who have been in the darkness. Let our example be the one to turn to when there is no where else to turn. Let the light shine through us all so the eyes of many can open to see who they really are. Let knowledge flow from within us to the masses so they to may awaken. Wholeness LIGHTS!

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Comment by Osric on July 2, 2010 at 3:07pm
Well said blackhole in a world of duality darkness is always present and you are right out of darkness comes the light. I was just joking with ya about the name change thing. Most have been conditioned to thing that dark is something bad anyway. When in actuality we are living in a world controlled(for now) by those who wish to mislead with falsehoods. The game is so deeply embedded in the world most separate because of difference it what appears to be color. "We are one and thats the way it is" (MAZE)
Comment by Osric on June 30, 2010 at 2:43pm
Yes the net has opened many doors for many including myself, but the duality of it all is as good as it has been for those who have used it for good it will serve those with evil intent just as well. We all have been rulers of nations and kingdoms surely this small task will be accomplisheds well. With all of the light and love coming our way blackhole you may have to change your name LOL thank you for stopping by my brother. I look forward to shine as bright as the Sun
Comment by Osric on June 30, 2010 at 6:45am
I agree with you the net has become a crutch as much as it's been help. I love the candle! may we all be ever burnung flames for all who have eyes to see


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