There are many things that can assist us maintain our energy capacity and expand. This is one most recent about beetroot juice and beets,a study .I havnt tried it but in time i may.The best cleanout i have ever taken was the onion and a pealed 2 apples juiced.2 shot classes will make you have a bowel movment.I havnt even tried adding herbs to aid the affect.Also juiced ginger is intense,your chest will open up.Check out There is tones of info about body alchemy.I feel great when taking gotu kola powder in liquid.Right now i am out so i am taking alfalfa powder.on and off i will add rhodiola .All of these things are great to get into.this whole place has been a great thing for all so please everyone lets support this center of wholeness .continue to grow this in everyone.

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Comment by John Shore on February 26, 2011 at 3:25pm

There is a 'protocol' called the mini-beet protocol by a health researcher called Robert Von Sarbacher... It may interest you:


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