Show Times: Sunday June 16 2013 11:00 A.M. CST

Show Location:

Call In with Questions: 1-585-653-6979


Topics Discussed:

The place between Heaven and Earth.

Bioenergetics - Re-balancing through Magnetism

Synchronicity - A product of our own Hyperdimensional activities

The real Lightworker - working with Photon Light Emissions

The Lower Octaves - Why they want to keep the body forever

The Firebody and Degrees of the Fire

Organic Deprogramming

Service to God or The King: The facts of Initiation Much Much More


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Comment by jana on June 25, 2013 at 12:40pm

The serpent came inquiring. What to do? That is for it/them/lowered/lord to decide. We will not place judgement. Yet..Vibrations rising. Raise them to stay. How?! Let us free to walk the globe as we will. No 'walls.' Lay down your mediocre 'weapons' and intents. In tents. Come out to see the light. Your indiscretions will dissolve and the system will be restored to wholeness harmonic perfected pattern of the most high/us. DragonsKin clouds in the sky :)

If needed fill your stomachs with fresh herbs and organic spinach. Spearnach. Organic fresh goat cheese if fat/protein needed. Etc. Wholeness. Crystals essential oils gratitude. Tap into crystalline/diamond undergrid connect to organic uppergrid surrounding yourself all things ascending.

Comment by jana on June 19, 2013 at 8:14pm

In the central current/canal/trunk  spheres overlapping come together in the squeeze. All 'ideas/intention/beliefs/etc.' play out. Hold fast. Continue expanding. Heat will burn you up or burn impurities. Choice. What 'fertilizes' you? What gives you joy? What is your vision? See the sphere of choice surrounding you. Many ways to branch out after birth, yet some boughs will need pruning. Never miss a chance to spread seeds of expansive wholeness. A smile goes a long way. Light the path.

All ways keep in mind the control of media which will portray all is business as usual, dragging one into more of the same. Their waves/vibrations still present do not allow to penetrate.

Come now the 'dragons' of the north south east west. Of fire of water of earth winged ones of the air all elementals. Restore our sphere/body to organic state of wholeness.

Inner/Outer alignment balances sphere to proper movement in communion with life upon, within, and external.

See organic grid whole around our sphere all heavenly bodies. Blessed are the ............. for they shall inherit the sphere of choice.


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