I hope I don't start a s*** storm here, cause I assure you that is not my intention ( I just know from experience that people get very defensive about this subject). I would just like some answers to my questions....


So I have been a vegetarian for 17 years (since the age of 13) and became a vegan 3 years ago. The reason was simply compassion. Since that very day I have had to take so much crap from people. I am asked at least 3 times every single day why I don't eat meat. I am asked what is wrong with me. I am asked why I would put my health at risk like that, given that meat and milk are so good for you- as everybody knows. I get stupid looks and stupid comments. The worst question I was ever asked was if I don't like to give blow jobs either, since I don't like to have meat in my mouth. Questions like these- the sheer lack of respect and understanding- is what just makes me wanna turn my back on humanity entirely sometimes. I am just exhausted. There are a few questions that I get asked sometimes by people that actually try to understand, and even I don't have all the answers, so I hope that some people can help me out here.


I often hear people say: It is everybody's choice whether or not they want to eat meat. Which is very true. But I also believe strongly that one choice is right and one is wrong. Just like it is my choice whether I choose to kill a person or not. To me essentially that is the same thing.


First of all the question of why we shouldn't eat animals should be pretty self explanatory... they don't want to be killed. Which brings me to my next questions: why is it ok for animals to eat animals, and would it be ok to eat an animal if you really have to survive- say if you're an eskimo? Also I am faced with a dilemma everyday: I have three cats that I still have to supply with meat. i feel really bad about that, but I also feel that keeping it from them is against their nature and would be cruel. One could argue that I shouldnt have the cats in captivity to begin with, which is absolutely true, but had I not rescued them they would have probably been put down. Another thing is a question about Chi. how does eating plants benefit you vs. eating animals? I hope I can get some answers that will make sense to "normal people" but personally I would also like to understand the "rules" behind everything better on a deeper level. just give me any info you have on this : )


Thank you

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Comment by Alexander on January 26, 2012 at 5:30am

Hello :)

Late reply if didnt get the points of view you looked for i would say that Right or Wrong dont exist in that meaning its a choice we make. Just like the language have many locking. Its simply 2 sides of a coin..Maybe you should polarize and make the choice from there. I know it would bring awareness to you and you would feel much better.

Btw im being a vegan simply because of my early heavy weight and just cant stand it in my way of like becuase i need to look after the vehicle. Sorry if this is a mess but its so early here in sweden, i wish you the best and be one! peace

Comment by Jewel Free on August 19, 2011 at 10:03am

Regarding your question about effecting the 'chi'..I'm going to take a quote I just recently read from Mantak Chia's book Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao...I personally consider this guy to be a master at chi and tao traditions. "You may attain a high plane of spiritual evolution without being a vegetarian. Both vegetarians and omnivores are subject to illness and decay. Simply eat whatever makes you feel best. Try to listen to your body's appetite and you will know what to eat: When you have an urge for something your body has a need for that food. [ Of course this doesn't apply to extreme cravings of substances such as refined sugar, salt, or oily food.] ....No one else can tell you what your need to attain inner harmony; vegetables alone will not make you pure or holier than fish. But you should try to eat food that is fresh and as free of chemical contaminants as possible." btw if anyone is interested in a copy of this e-book let me know.


As far as eating meats and things are concerned, I know that for example some Islamic and Jewish people eat what is refered to as "halal meats" which means the animals are killed in certain ways as to minimize suffering and therefore minimizing "negative" toxins being released into the meat upon being killed. I've heard also that for example some Native Americans and certain tribes around the world, if they were to hunt for a deer for example they would first tranquilize it, then while it was sleeping give thanks to it and appoligize for having to kill it but it was to feed their family. This would leave the spirit of the deer not vengeful towards the ones who killed it. This spirit might then tell other deer spirits that these people aren't so 'bad' afterall.

I guess a comparison to our western society would be to try to buy free range meat products or from local farmers that you know kill and treat their animals ethically while alive. Or there are also some halal markets more and more popping up I believe (they are generally arabic type grocery stores).

Comment by Master#22 on August 19, 2011 at 7:25am

Hi, I suggest you to do read treu the first 3 parts of addiction, drug. Becouze no mater the way you look at it food is still a drug. To you understand why you think the way you do, and to stay on with your script of life. Goodluck.


Comment by nima on August 18, 2011 at 6:25pm
It's efficient (period).  Now if you're ill, or malnourished you gotta do what you can.  Don't forget to eat the wind, condensation, and the sun...Nourish the body with the mind an vise versa.
Comment by Scott on August 18, 2011 at 6:02pm
half my message seems to have gotten cut off. A3on, i assume you got the whole message sent to your email, so if you like, you can post the rest for me, if not that is fine aswell.
Comment by Scott on August 18, 2011 at 5:57pm

Wholeness to all.


I have learned from other members that you should not dwell to hard on problems such as these too hard as they are in themselves a mind trap. A program working on you hard to keep you from rising above and keeping you caught up in the low vibrational frustrations with having to deal with the constant bombardment of these questions constantly arising.


I will give you my thoughts on the subject and i hope my opinion/view on it will help you on your journey and maybe being able to tell off those who bring your vibrations down low. I certainly know what you mean, how not understanding people can be. As i have just stopped eating meat and all kinds of other things like processed foods just a few months ago, i deal with these issues myself all the time. Just always try to keep your energies up and send them out to those asking the questions. Be above the question and always take a serious stand for what you believe and never back down. i agree that everyone has the right to decide yet one answer is not as right as another. And let me say thank you to everyone here for helping me always on my path to true healthy eating.


So eating meat.. Yes quite a touchy subject with people.  I have my reasons for not eating meat. One is that i personally would not eat another being that has a soul. I feel it wrong just one that. An other reason is the way that these animals are treated throughout their entire lives. From the time they are born chained up and tortured till the time they die,chained up and tortured. Putting that lightly as i think we all know exactly what goes down at these places. Attached to the meat that people eat is a very negative energy.(because of the tortured life lived) There is truly nothing good energetically about the meat produced in western civilization, and for one to eat this meat is to also absorb the negative energies attached to it. And when trying to keep vibrations high and keep high positivity, taking on such negative energy like that is never a good idea. I quote Kayowe with "At this point in our process/transformations into our higher bodies, all that we need to focus on is not cultivating baggage or collecting external baggage". Now energies can be transmuted but i feel that these negative energies are of some of the most powerful negative energies due to the intense harsh things that these beings must go through and even being able to transmute these energies, i would not eat meat at any rate. That being said, i only want to put into my body the best food that are available to me, but if i were somewhere that i could not have wonderful fruits and veggies and the only thing there was to eat was meat, well i would eat it. Its about survival. You have to do what you have to do sometimes. I would just be mindful of the meat i would be eating. Understand where the meat came from and give thanks to that animal, for it died so that i could continue to live.

Kayowe explained to me this, " In Africa, there are places where there they have no access to veggies or fruits, like the Beings that live in the bush and survive on meat, so their intentions to live in those conditions is for survival. Are they high energy beings connected to Mother nature and aligned with this planet's ascension, Absolutely!  What's the difference between them and meat consuming Beings in the west, because they are conscious of their situation, are present in their BEING (Bodies) and are consciously consuming the animal, in their own rituals, ask for forgiveness for taking its life, energetically transmuting it in their own way, and because of this know they are following the order of the Universe. Ironically, these Beings eat more grains and veggies/fruits than us, even look forward to those seasons, because they know their bodies feel better when they eat that, but for survival reasons eat meat."

Kayowe mune is very wise on the subject of fo

Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on August 18, 2011 at 10:03am
Yhea the video is pretty heavy maybe you should send that to others i mean if you havent been eating meat for so long you already know all that is presented in there i mean your compassion statement speaks for itself but for folks who are clueless this is a good start.
Comment by Mz. Aeon on August 18, 2011 at 9:53am
Mr. Spirit matter.... The link you posted.. Do I even wanna look at it, or is it the kind of video that I should just send directly to non vegetarians? : /
Comment by Mz. Aeon on August 18, 2011 at 9:50am

Thank you so much for your reply. I agree with you on all the points that animals have no bad intentions when killing another animal.. it is obviously what they do. And all these creatures have a natural balance with their environment, which in my eyes makes it not only okay, but they way it is supposed to be. People don't really seem to fit in....

Anyway the thing is that I asked Sevan about this a while ago, and from what I understand some beings, such as plants, are willing to transmute- animals are not. It was quite an interesting very long answer that he came with, so I was hoping that if you are not too busy, Sevan, you could tell everybody (and me again) what you told me. I believe there was something with some creatures (insects etc) having a lower frequency etc?....

Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on August 18, 2011 at 9:49am

Goodday A3on yes i completely understand whenever i go do the family thing and spend time with them at parties, holidays whatever I always have to go into the freaking vegetarian conversation and again everyone looks at me crazy and no matter what i say it really doesnt matter to them so ive pretty much just stop trying to explain so the newest is Ive just summed it up to them like this " Listen you tell me please explain to me how eating an animal thats been dead for who knows how long, transported around from freezer to freezer is going to be of nutritional value to me your putting blood of another animal inside of you tell me how is that good for you" and like always noone can answer that and they just blow it off yet those that say that are not in shape sick and dont look to well so I tell them hey its on you, You are a grown up and an adult you outta know.

Heres a video maybe you can send to some folks might at least get em thinking about slowly getting off our animal friends


Eating something like live sprouts vs dead beef on a frequency level the sprouts are high in frequency the beef dense slow vibrating it wont build up that kind of energy we looking for below is a link of some good high frequency foods may help you also





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