This particular story was shown to me during a meditation, when i asked my Spirit Guide, "Who am I ?"

In the beginning
In the beginning there was a swirling maelstrom of energy.
All of the energies of creation were there. Earth, wind, water,
fire, and spirit. All of them separate and unique. All with a
will to create. But alone they could create very little.
Spirit being the calmest of the 5, saw that the elements were
at conflict with each other, in their creation process, and
suggested that the elements combine to create. After many
failed attempts, the elements finally learned to combine and
created the universe, the stars, planets and the space in
Spirit looked at this creation and felt a great emptiness. Even
though it was beautiful beyond compare, it was empty and
barren. So spirit talked to the elements again, and asked
“May I take a small portion of your energies and divest them
into myself?”
the other 4 energies contemplated for a long time, during this
time the universe settled into what it is now, eventually the
energies agreed. And they divested a small portion of their
energies to spirit. Spirit then set about its creation. It
created life, trees, grass, everything, using the combined
energy of all. In doing it this way all things are connected to
all energy. Next to make sure that life did not forget, it gave
of itself to create the spirits of memory. And divested all
things with a small portion of spirit. So now the spirits of
memory, could communicate with all things. And all things
could communicate with spirit.
The elements saw spirits creations, and were pleased. “For as
long as your creations remember us, we shall be their
guardians, and teachers.” they said. “We do this because we
are all now part of you, and yet separate, within you is the
power of creation and destruction over all things so we will
call you the creator, you are one, a universal energy”
So at that time the 6th type of energy was named.

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