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Just a thought

This came to me after many months of meditation, and i had to write it down, After reading the Codex, i felt compelled to post it here.

shaman, witchdoctor, medicine man etc are all derived from the same basic belief system, but with cultural differences even the basis of voodoo is similar in its believes

as always it is not the path but the person that walks it that makes it what it is
the energy is neutral, always is until it is focused for a purpose

no correct that
the energy is always neutral but the purpose is not

there is no such thing as good and evil, good and evil are human concepts
and are flawed. there is just energy, all things are made of energy on its most basic level, hence our connection with all things

when we meditate we are trying to alter our perceptions of the energy that is us, and around us, and our ability to interact with this energy.

since we are human our perceptions of this energy are flawed, so we need to refine our
perceptions, until we can see the true essence of who we are.

we are not but energy.

our guides are higher versions of the same energy vibrating on a different frequency
so to communicate with then we must attune our perceptions to this energy.

our greatest downfall as humans is our own self. We believe only what we can see taste touch, hear and smell. But there is so much more than that basic perception.

Perception is also very important, the ability to see the truth of the universe, how energy reacts, and interacts with everything else makes us far more functional and effective.

Perception is perhaps our greatest weapon in our mystical arsenal, without proper perception, we are defenseless, as we can not see the energy around us and now it effects us, nor can we see how our energy interacts with the energy around us. So without perception we are blind.

Perception needs to start with self, for if one does not know and understand self, then how can one understand how oneself is linked to everything else. This I call the journey of inner cosmos.

As children our perceptions are not governed by things like this is not real, or do not imagine. But as we get older we are told repeatedly that this does not exist and that is not real, and we are trained not to imagine. So we loose our ability to perceive, the reality of everything.

Imagination is very important to a person following the mystical paths, as it is the seed of

We as humans are flawed, yet at the same time we are perfection. Our mortal shell is flawed, and imperfect yet at the same time our soul which is housed within this shell is perfect energy.

How can we be flawed and perfect at the same time?

When we are born an imperfect mortal shell is created to house our energy self or soul if you will, this shell is given limitations but what ever overpowers that be so we can learn different things we need so our soul can become more attuned with the higher energies of the universe.

This is repeated many times, until finally after our last incarnation into an imperfect shell, our soul has learned all it can on this plain of existence and transcends into the higher planes. Where the process begins anew.

When one realizes that no mater the person that crosses our path or for how long, they are both teacher and student to us, then the true journey of life begins. Once again perception is very important, for you need to “see” each person for who they are and there purpose within your life.

This is also a very difficult lesson to learn.

With time and meditation all things, are possible.

It is my opinion that the journey of self is the greatest and most important journey of life a person can undertake. For without this journey, our perception of everything around us is incomplete. To know oneself, is to know everything around us. Only when the journey of self is undertaken, can one truly start to understand ones connection with all things. To know oneself is to know the universe.

Meditation is key to almost all of a mystics abilities. Even rituals are designed to bring the mind into focus, and a meditative state by the mantras we say, and the actions we perform.

Yet do we need them? Perhaps in the beginning yes, but over time one can learn to do the same thing with out the aid of words, and ritual, or tools.

Many do not believe this. Many are limited by teachings that are liner, and incomplete.
Teachings that do not show them how to explore the vastness of the universe, or the vastness of the inner cosmos as well.

Do this to accomplish that, do that to accomplish this, etc.

Magic is so much more than this and that. It is the power of creation, and destruction, for you can not have one without the other. For something to be created, something else must be destroyed.
If you do not believe me think of it this way.
Say you want to change something about yourself. A bad habit perhaps, does not the bad habit need to be destroyed before a better habit can take its place?

It is the same with all things in magic. To learn new things, old things must be emptied from ourselves.

For magic to exist in our lives, the belief that magic does not exist must be destroyed, to
perceive magic, our old perceptions must be destroyed, and replaced with new perceptions.

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A Creation Story.

This particular story was shown to me during a meditation, when i asked my Spirit Guide, "Who am I ?"

In the beginning

In the beginning there was a swirling maelstrom of energy.

All of the energies of creation were there. Earth, wind, water,

fire, and spirit. All of them separate and unique. All with a

will to create. But alone they could create very…


Posted on January 6, 2013 at 10:26am


This is something, i personally discovered, during meditations, that i had to write down.  Upon reading the codex of the matrix i had to post it here for all to view.  Please understand i wrote this over 2 years ago with little understanding of its true implications.

here is the link to my scribd posting.

There is more…


Posted on January 5, 2013 at 10:33am

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At 6:22pm on January 7, 2013, Destini Niobi said…

Wholeness to you.. My name is Destini, welcome to our family! Please take a look around the site, you will find many topics and information. Our library is filled with many books for your review that you can download. Attach is a link to the Resistance videos that you can watch as well.


At 3:34pm on January 5, 2013, Crystal said…

Welcome to the resistance jeffery james, Thank you for joining  


Wholeness balanced vibrations...

At 11:09pm on January 4, 2013, Kishaun said…

Welcome to the Resistance family, Jeffery. We wish you well as you continue your spiritual journey.



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