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What is your current spiritual level of innerstanding?
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"The universe we mold around this one of a multi-dimensional speckles of reality resonates, or you can say it creates, an interference pattern within the fabric of space.
If we were to look closely at an individual human being,
We would find that the body is made up of a massive resonating particles and is in itself a universe. All information exists here and now within our own consciousness.
There are places we can go within our consciousness that unite our being with the cosmos.
We need to align our minds with the cosmic mind, If we are going to find any of the purposes of our existence, Or to find answers to some of the unexplained problems,
Especially as we are heading towards one of the most important increments in the history of our time here." - Jennifer Neal


The more the ability to communicate and articulate ideas becomes popular, the more information is absorbed collectively and the opportunity to learn grows exponentially.

as we're processing our individual experiences and interactions with others, we create a database of transpersonal lessons that make up a goldmine of suggestions as to how to proceed forward. no matter who, or how… once the experience is cemented into form the pathway to acceptance becomes an archetypal mythology. as oral tradition is lesser the focus nowadays, the printed word takes on a new form and importance. we find ourselves inundated with information instantaneously and on a daily basis. it is this confrontation and assimilation of ideas that we must own and take to the next level of possibility.

the ability to share the process and offer an answers outside of our self; the impact of having situational information shape our being and fine-tune our consciousness - these are two of the most profound and easily accessible doorways into a new state of awareness. once we've all become accustomed to the language of the transformational process and become fluent in our ability to offer this to others, the exponential rate of growth as experienced becomes unstoppable. as is, the process unfolds as it does - so the act of sharing may not speed anything up per se. however, the possibility of reflexivity - awareness of awareness - may open a window into our collective process in such a way as to crystallize and unveil whats 'really' going on.

as the collective creative process digs deeper, the omnipresent awareness that is us all begins to feel the pulse as it dips in and out of our individual ego interfaces.  the network shudders with signals of self-awareness. the illusion becomes thinner and harder to deny. the individual process becomes aligned with the collective process in such a way as to become hard to ignore. 

our conception of who we are is changing so rapidly the best option beyond flowing with the current is communicating and articulating the experience to others. 'we're all just walking each other home' - ram dass. the option and ability to disseminate information such as this becomes not only a possibility but a priority because, quite frankly, the intensity and intention for doing so has not yet been adapted to the mainstream on such a large scale. through social media and other platforms light-seeds are being distributed via little bits and pieces - quotes and pictures. links to long-form conversations and talks are finding more relevance and both have been captured and shared at higher quality and frequency lately. 

the next step in our unfolding process is to own up to the process we're undergoing as individuals and begin to piece the puzzle of consciousness together, transparently, so all can see. the more we're aware of the archetypal as it relates to the individual, we can bridge the individual back towards the collective in a bright and crystallized offering. 

once the collective picks up on the signals sent back and forth from the individual ego to the whole again, this re-structuring of ourselves and this reality becomes the forefront of the species. through the internet and our infinite potential, anything is possible… and now is the time to make all our processes accessible and digestible for everybody.


As the portal opens the veils between dimensions becomes thinner. we dream deeper, slide through wormholes more frequently, and access multidimensional metaprogramming realities during crucial wake-state cycles. once we enter the deeper dreamstates we transcend the world which used to be inhabited by our dreamselves and instead begin rupturing the fabric of the multif-faced experience that exists within all of us outside of time. the more we become present in the current moment the more the current of the infinite unfolding expansion of the ultimate consumes our being. the portal widens. we enter without even knowing we've entered, only that something is off. inhabiting parallel realities is nothing they've taught us in school. we're not sure where to look, who to take to, how to understand what unfolds before us. instead we embrace it, dissolve fear, look to the now with sacred reverence and gratefulness. the path of understanding comes from the trust in flowing with the world and adapting yourself to it as opposed to adapting itself to you. each experience we've chosen on a higher dimension to involve ourselves in ultimately becomes larger and larger lessons on the path we walk towards awareness. when can we learn to become grateful for the mystery and earnest in our transmissions and limited grasp of them, the unconscious encoded information begins to float to the surface and envelop our being. instead of blasting the information three-dimensionally to our place in this realm, we must be open to receiving the fourth and fifth dimensional downloads that contain the pieces to the puzzle as well as certain answers. we connect with our star family more nowadays because as the veil lifts we re-link with what has defined us in past present and future realities as they coincide and interact with each other. the mirrors we shine upon each other unravel parts of ourselves that we can no longer deny as ourselves and our three-dimensional energetic blockages holding us from the frequency gateways to multidimensional consciousness. we must align our frequencies in such a way as to harmonize with the other pathways awaiting. the only excuse to not reaching fullest potential is fear or three-dimensional attachments holding us down. once we can break free of those chains then we can begin to see. fear of what others think of us is the mirror consciousness of our own selves' parts that hold fear and resistance close. dr suess said, 'those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.' ahh yes but those who mind are who we also learn the greatest lessons from. criticism or resistance from those we don't want to be around is the parts of ourselves unwilling to work through the blockages necessary for our evolution. once we can remind ourselves of this we can step back from the emotional patterns that trap us in cyclical behavior. once we break ourselves of the patterns that send us on a loop we begin to raise our frequencies in such a way as to render aforementioned patterns obsolete. once our programming becomes obsolete we're free to build a greater presence in the now and become a conduit for energetic exchanges and releases, both interpersonally and interdimensionally. the key to awakening is to be aware of our own programming and the lessons it has to offer us in breaking through to the other side with pattern-recognition skills.


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At 3:52pm on December 14, 2012, Light Inside said…

You were asking earlier for a link to information on the symbolism behind 9/11, and I do not know if you saw what I posted for you in the chat (I think it was reset). My answer to that is no, but my question to you was, where do stand on the events on 9/11 (was it an act of terror?, a government conspiracy?, other?) I don't ask this question to judge, just merely to find out where exactly it is that you stand, because I am willing to share my knowledge on the subject (which, unfortunately does not include too much symbolism, which I know you were after). If you're interested, just inbox me and I will get back to you :) Have a wonderful and blessed day!



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