The term psychedelic is derived from the Greek words psihi (ψυχή - psyche, "soul") and dilosi (δήλωση - "manifest"), translating to "soul-manifesting".

Get all the necessary data from those who have breached Innerspace and the Outerlimits as they gather to share and compare all they have gained. This Group is designed to document the lifestyle synopsis of DMT and Ayahuasca along with the creations that can be considered Fringe. 

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Help with addiction 3 Replies

Greetings Group,Does anyone know an efficient way of helping a long term pain medications abuser to  recover from the addiction? My girl got hooked on pain killers after her 2nd back surgery and is…Continue

Started by Bobby Toure. Last reply by Terry Dika Apr 9, 2015.

Salvia 23 Replies

Has anyone experimented with salvia at all?  I hear that the effects of it are similar to those of ayahuasca and other mind altering plants.  I'm curious because it is something that is still…Continue

Started by NfiniTINAked. Last reply by Andrew Mar 6, 2015.

Auyuasca 4 Replies

I'm interestied in purchasing this herb are vendors like Amazon the right way to go or are there private vendors or farmers that are better.Wholeness and ThanksContinue

Started by Roberta Smith. Last reply by Roberta Smith Feb 14, 2015.

great breathing excersise to clear brainwaves and release GAMMA brainwave or endogenous DMT 20 Replies

so you can function at your peak potential, follow these 13 breath cycles and then relax and do whatevber breath feels natural. Mudras are with both hands and try not to touch any other fingers while…Continue

Started by Joshua. Last reply by Roberta Smith Feb 12, 2015.

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Comment by Patrick Wanek on August 10, 2014 at 6:24am

Ku is the Hawaiian god of war.

Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on April 14, 2014 at 9:20am

Wholeness and Balance Vibrations Resistance family the time is now here and I am super delighted to share with you all! If you are called to Ayahuasca and you are interested in experiencing ayahuasca in its home in the Amazon Rainforest Jungle and in the context in which it is traditionally done - led by Shipibo shaman. We will be hosting some trips down to Peru.

If are interested in experiencing Ayahuasca as part of a small group where you will be fully escorted, receive preparatory instructions prior to the trip including transformational coaching session; and, receive yoga, meditation and sensitive personal attention and facilitation during your experience, then the small group tours offered on the may be a good fit for you.

The website is , and it is dedicated to sacred/traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon Rainforest Jungle. Some tours include visits to Machu Picchu after the ayahuasca experience.

Feel free to inbox me hear anytime for further information.

Comment by Nathan on March 28, 2014 at 6:56pm

there in no evidence that i am aware of that lsd damages the brain... and freebasing dmt can definitely give life changing effects on its own. thats what catalyzed my own realization a few years ago. having recently sat, with no sickness, on pharmahuasca (dmt + harmine/harmaline) the duration of experience is definitely helpful in getting more out of the experience. that being said, once in the timeless dimensions it really doesn't matter whether you actually sat with the medicine for 5 minutes or 5 hours. a lot of work can happen in one moment of clarity. as for the purging, (which i have experienced on 7.5g of mushrooms) it feels to me that i am releasing negative energy which allows for me to flow into the experience on a higher vibe. perhaps being in the humble state that follows hurling wretched upchuck makes it a bit easier to get passed all the ego's muk, so it seems to me anyway.

Comment by Michael Pierce on March 28, 2014 at 11:26am

Do you think that DMT will give long lasting effects the way ayahuasca and its analogues do?  I am interested in both but the purging and cleansing effects of it taken orally seem to change the person more so. What do you think?

Comment by Michael Pierce on March 28, 2014 at 11:25am

Does anybody have any experience with analogues?  Mimosa or Acacia with Syrian Rue?  Most my experience is with Mimosa and Rue. 

Comment by D on November 12, 2013 at 9:54am
Hello to all, I'm new to the site and still trying to figure it out... I've been slowly waking up since about 2001(9l11) with government and conspiracies, blah blah, but for the last 2 years I've been really trying to know myself on a spiritual level thanks to a family member who brought up spirituality and told me about some of his experiences with psychedelics and introduced me to the term "consciousness" and "duality" and somehow it all "clicked". Since then I've been like a sponge doing research and trying to learn more and making changes in how I live my life on the way. Its been quite a journey and a learning experience for me. Anyway I hope to learn a lot from you all and hopefully I can shine some light onto you.
Comment by Nineteen on October 23, 2013 at 8:10pm

Seeking a sense of Overstanding:

How does one have thoughts without actually contacting the people being thought about?  If I'm being too vague let me try to put it another way without being too transparent.  If one is thinking/daydreaming/meditating and a situation comes up regarding a specific real person/real people, how does one keep from actually "contacting" that specific person/people?  (Looking for a solution that helps with the on/off switch, if you get what I mean.) 



Comment by Ahmad Brown on October 17, 2013 at 4:21pm

i personally wouldn't recommend acid cause it literally burns away brain cells, but I know others who have done it. Id try mushrooms first, its a little less extreme for a beginner.

Comment by Swank Sinatra on October 17, 2013 at 12:47am

Hello all, I am new to the community and just started my journey. I really want to try psychedelics and debating between Acid (LSD) and Magical Mushrooms. Im glad I came across this group because it looks like I have fellow members that may be able to help me out. Hope to hear some feedback soon. Thanks

Comment by whole on October 11, 2013 at 11:28pm



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