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Does anyone know an efficient way of helping a long term pain medications abuser to  recover from the addiction? My girl got hooked on pain killers after her 2nd back surgery and is battling those forces right now. She decided to quit cold turkey and with my assistance and that of other close friends, She's been 6 weeks clean but is struggling to maintain her sanity while going through it. I'm getting a compound of Semde and Agar 35 to get her to try it out. Any other suggeston would be greatly appreciated

Thank you and Wholeness to the family

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i heard kratom works, i use it but not for that purpose. i highly recommend it to anyone. Ive just read several reports from people that it helps for pain med addictions.
You might also consider the Chi Booster machine, there is a post about it on the homepage. It is said to relieve back and neck pain while unlocking and circulating Chi in the body.

Iboga ,www. I think that's the website



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