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This page has been created in order to get you familiar with The Resistance Website.

You will find information here pertaining to our Mission Statement, how to navigate the website, and where to begin with expanding applications to the Mind, Body, and/or Soul.

You will also find various tools placed here to assist you in navigating the Astral Quest that you have embarked on. If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact me or any of the Crew Members found at the associated link. I personally welcome you to the site.

James Evans Bomar III "Sevan"

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Wholeness and Balance Vibrations and thank you for joining the Resistance Website. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our faction consists of wide array of people with a common goal of assisting all Species with expansion. This we feel can be done by building bridges to all levels of sentient life showing commonality through a microcosmic and macrocosmic perspective.

We thought it of value to list the fields of expertise contained within the Members of our immediate think tank also known as the Astral Quest Crew. This includes Adepts of Esoteric Knowledge, Cymatic Linguists, Alpha Numeric Cipherist, Bio/Geo Energetic Specialists, Frequency Researchers, Vortex Imprinters, Subtle Energy Field Analyst, Whole Brain Operators, Symbologist, Breathologist, Naturopathic Physicians, Ayurvedic Masters, and Deprogrammers of brainwashing and MK-Ultra based mind control.

As vast as such a task would be to instruct the Planet on a universal level we are very equipped and have already engaged with great success. In addition, we have placed our focus in these primary ares; Astral Quest Interactive Enlightenment, The University of the World, The Universal Language, Free Energy for the Body, and Circulatory Ascension.

                           The Astral Quest Begins Within All Paths Lead To Self

Our Galaxy has has an unbelievable mass of organic and inorganic energy along with information deposited within it. In our current era, we find there has been a great limitation in the ability for the common man and woman to access the "cream" of this universal knowledge. Rather than list the various reasons this has taken place and continues to take place, the Resistance has vowed to make available at all times at least one 24hr portal of higher knowledge for Seekers.


The Resistance in conjunction with Astral Quest will supply knowledge in a curriculum based format. Astral Quest is specifically designed to diagnose and then educate its users in the fields of mental, spiritual, and physical advancement. Analysis takes place first by using a proven method which determines a person’s overall status based on strength’s and weaknesses in their Mind, Body, and Soul. This system we refer to as “The MBS”.

The Universal Language

What came to the forefront of our contribution was the need to allow it to be felt by everyone. Since the language barriers that exist have already been identified as the greatest hindrance to collective consciousness a separate team set out to reconstruct a language based on something that can be found within all spaces. This led us to the undeniable relationship between Color, Shape, and Sound.

With new advancements in Cymatic mapping and retrieval, 3D technology, and frequency research we are now at the brink of releasing a language that can be learned with little effort, save a little concentration and internal instinct. Moving beyond our current beta version we have now moved into the research of holophonics, third ear activation, and sound projection. Soon a person can see, hear, and just about touch your connection and communication to them on a entirely different level.

Free Energy for the Bodies

While our world struggles against Illuminist factions using the economy as a method to perform modern alchemy or the great work it came to the developer's heart that the knowledge of free energy for the body must now be released to humanity. This was in esteem of curing the vampiric non-symbiotic nature that is often a product of energy starved planetary systems such as Earth which comes about due to misuse of vital resources.

It has been known since ancient times that man and woman contain a pure energy source that is seldom tapped in to by the modernized societies with success. This force is given titles such as Chi, Kundalini, Prana, Odinic Force, and Vril. Since this energy finds itself as a plausible cure for all ailments mental and physical it became a task of priority to discover the most effective and accurate ways of cultivating and utilizing this secret energy.

Activation and Cyclic Ascension

We are always activating the higher and lower potential of our existence whether vividly or subtly. Our faction chooses to focus on Cyclic Ascension while still remaining versed in all the paths that lead to dissension to avoid errors. To be clear we do not just teach how to raise energy, we complete such instructions by showing the adherent how to cycle energy from the higher parts of their innerverse to the nether regions of self back around again ad infinitum, this is the true perpetual force.

We do this to instruct on how one can assist on all levels of existence using the universal principles of learning to exist harmonically. At the forefront of this is the cleansing and activation of the body. Far from a new age movement we deal with what works, no placebos, no wishful thinking, just results through experience and application. This makes for a "cutting through" method of activation that pierces all false doctrines.

What is of most value to know is that The Resistance and its Affiliates are here for you. Despite our great reach into other realities, we feel the importance of being present in our current actuality to do our part in nourishing all life on this Planet as it goes through its transmutation.

Wholeness and Balance Vibration

James Evans Bomar III "Sevan"
The Developer of the Resistance
Author of the acclaimed book, The Code to the Matrix

All questions can be answered, all problems can be solved; it is only a matter of taking the time. This is a Universal Message and we meet everyone at any stage they find themselves currently in.

Our understanding is that there are various levels to life and as we graduate these levels we receive a metaphorical  ‘ring’ that brings us closer to the harmonic cyclic nature of life. This journey of discovery and health we call the Astral Quest. The Quest (rings) can be seen repeatedly through the Universe. Trees gain a ring when they reach a complete cycle, look at your fingerprints and you will notice that you also have rings, unique swirls and circles that are yours alone.

Anything that spins or is cyclic can be seen as a ring. Our Universe spins, our Planet spins, and our Aura spins, so in effect you have entered a body of concentric rings. The goal is to spin in harmony with them all.

So where does one begin? In truth your Quest has already begun as you have dared to read this far, we are simply presenting you with the ability to take the switch off autopilot and dive into a wealth of information, a vibrant community and to steer your own path.

On the website we have highlighted different stages of information, so you can determine the next stage of the quest that is right for you. Please take the time to watch the site tutorial video below as this will help you to navigate our website.

A Guideline has already been made available for humanity, yet much of the knowledge of this system has been misinterpreted, demonized, reinvented and even ignored. The knowledge we discuss on our site is called Planetary Knowledge. We explore the chakras and how they relate to the organs in the body, how they relate to the planets in the solar system, and ways for us to resonate in harmony with them, and to ultimately resonate as who we really are.


This system can guide you to gain complete mastery over yourself, and most importantly your Innerverse. Controlling others world’s, especially to negative extents is a disastrous practice.

Because of our unique differences, we make up the most magnificent spectrum and the knowledge being presented here will affect people in many different ways.  Since the mind works like a wheel cycling the information and experience it receives through it, you now have the opportunity to begin a fully expanded rotation of thought. This can be similar to when a fish, the symbol of the Soul, is taken from a small tank that hinders its growth and size, and is placed in large body of water that gives it the guaranteed opportunity to expand.

There are no falsehoods to these claims, and you will find a plethora of knowledge on this site detailing how to begin such a Quest. There is nothing truly external to us; all things take place first within and then manifest later on an external level.

If you would like to take the next step just click "here"

Our obligation to the World is to uplift and inspire our entire Species. 

This we do with the utmost integrity.


The Resistance was founded upon innerstanding* and serves as a beacon to guide seekers of truth and a bridge to connect total consciousness.

We are engaged. As founder of the Resistance I have vividly witnessed the actions of other sentient life forms displaying a vast level of phenomena and engaging in various acts that remain in most part hidden from humanity. I know for equality and harmony to occur, a full disclosure must take place.

We expose secretive forces and societies operating with various levels of intelligence including sign and symbol who are pledged to perpetuate the scenario of humanities ignorance of natural and universal laws. We see this as our duty.

We encourage no person to give up or forfeit their power to any energies or external forces through worship or obeisance. We recognize this as a hindrance to our goal of emancipating Minds, Bodies, and Souls.

We place great effort in scanning all wisdom and applicational knowledge we present with an emphasis on accuracy. We do this to the best of our ability and to the extent of what we currently know to be the truth.


*an action that requires a person to first repair themselves internally so they can properly assist others on an external level.
**A term meaning complete opposed to the common term peace/piece (a pun) which means division.

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Comment by Jackie on March 13, 2015 at 3:09pm
Yes Kevin, I have. I too have made tremendous growth this last year. My whole being really. The last habit for me has been the hardest and yet strangest habit to kick and it's with tobacco. I say strange because I have raised and cleansed my physical body to the point where I don't have the physical urge to enjoy it at all so I sit in the feeling and wonder why am I making this choice. I now believe I am really wrestling with that last level of doubt of my self love which I have only just discovered as what's been holding me back, and it's me. So I continue to face the fear I have of loving myself. I will overcome this as I have all other obstacles and I'm sure what comes next is vast and total freedom, to just be and just love.
Comment by B.O.N.D on March 12, 2015 at 9:13pm

As far as your first question goes I haven't given in to the old habits, but there were some close calls in the beginning. Each time I asked myself how much did I really love me and love the innerversal terrain modification that I achieved (unconditionally).
Now,the reason i believe you go through the agitation is that your spirit (conscious) is upset with his adversary the flesh. It's like painting a beautiful portrait with a co-artist and then they punch a hole through it. We were working on a masterpiece and you had to go and mess it up. Just try to remind yourself that, ain't no such thing as halfway activation! You're either in it or out of it! No puns intended my brother. WBV!


Comment by Kevin Smith on March 12, 2015 at 8:14pm

I have two unrelated questions which I will divide up in this post. They have me stumped, may not have as much of a clear and concise answer as I would like, but I will give it a shot.

Over the past year I have made massive transitions in my life in terms of spirituality and how I view the world around me. At the same time I feel not much different than I did before, except more aware, akin to what things mean, quicker to spot traps hidden throughout the world. I know I am constantly changing, thinking long and hard on questions, picking them apart until I can reassemble them to find the answer. But I'm not there yet, I'm no more than a novice playing with a kids chemistry set.

The first question is more of an experience one. I have cleansed my body, and cleaned my food and water, kicked the habits involving tobacco and alcohol. However, I am not a specimen of unbreakable will (yet) and do lapse on the food and such. Eating out, drinking tea from a restaurant even though I know its filled with toxic waste. I have even tried smoking marijuana a few times, something I used to do literally all day every day until my wife told me I was going to be a father. All of this change, individually small, but together massively important, has changed me inside. When I have these lapses, the pleasure that was once accompanied with the consumption of whatever it is (steak, sweet tea, a fat bowl of dro (not necessarily in that order, lol)) no longer exists. Instead, I feel flustered, sometimes agitated and very uncomfortable for hours until my body has been able to process whatever I have introduced to it. So, question 1: Post cleanse, have any of you given into old habits and had similar results?

My second question may very well not have a direct answer, I am already aware of that but I don't have any one else to pose this question to. In my studies and what I have gained from listening to Sevan and others like him, I have come to the conclusion I'm sure many of you share; that we are not the body that we currently occupy, we are immortal in spirit, and our current understanding of life determines our next. I realize that the body is created through the act prior to the soul entering it, though I do not know the timeline for that to happen. I have read and also heard it said that when we understand all of this and are able to activate our true self we will move on from this world. Question 2: Upon realizing these things and jettisoning ourselves out of this world, where do we go next/what do we become?

Comment by B.O.N.D on March 11, 2015 at 7:28pm

Asha Wahid,you can also go into the forum section of the Resistance page,tap downloadable tools and download some amazing frequencies Sevan posted. WBV godess!


Comment by Randy Crawford on March 11, 2015 at 4:03pm
Comment by Morad on March 5, 2015 at 6:04am

when your activated or getting active your start  the channel with your self not some entity / entities.

Comment by David Wilson on March 4, 2015 at 11:13pm
I dabbled with Hicks and also Bashar. Out of the two I felt more balance from Bashar and interesting perspectives from both. It can cause a loop as feelin the high vibration energies and frequencies can be refreshing and almost like a rest and recovery park and bench to stop at while on the quest. For my self I had some success with these ideas then I felt I got some pro's out of it but lost balance in other areas. As long as the channellers themselves don't become a crutch I feel you can observe and entertain the info then absorb what resonates and continue moving on your path. Let your own intuition serve you as always , good luck and wholeness bro :)
Comment by Innerhole on March 4, 2015 at 9:27pm

Hello all, recently I have been listening to the speaker Abraham Hicks and I was wondering what anyone else might think about them.

Comment by B.O.N.D on February 27, 2015 at 1:35pm

Maya and Lander remember to stay in the here and now. Respect and celebrate each day as an accomplishment and milestone to your journeys/quests! WBV

Comment by Landerflyer on February 23, 2015 at 4:03pm
I'm also thinking about doing the cleanse, but it might be better to get the water distiler and and to quit eating meat for good. I wish you the best for you cleanse and please share your experience.



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