Wholeness family, I hope all is well. I decided to write this because a couple of nights ago I had a conversation with an estranged uncle of mine who knows very little about me and my personal spiritual path. He called me and at some point in time he said that I should make sure that my 1st born child, which is to be born in June, gets baptized. At that moment I had a conscious call and I decided to explain to him that I was no longer a Christian and that my child would not be baptized. Any of you who has had to have this conversation with anybody knows of the headache that it can bring. He told me that I should go pick up a King James Bible and I asked him if he knew who King James was. This questions was met with that silence that comes over people when they are dumbfounded by things they feel they should know, y'all know what I'm talking about. In any case, a few minutes after that I decided to end the call because I felt myself becoming angry by his attacks. After I got off the phone I began to think about my child's future. Surely she will be coerced by family members and the world at large to become a member of one of the major faiths. So I intend to educate her on these faiths at a significantly younger age than when I learned about the different religions sometime in my late teens. I would also like to begin educating her in spiritual/universal knowledge at a younger age. I was wondering if anybody knew of any educational tools for younger children to explain spiritual knowledge to them. I know that in excess this kind of knowledge can be detrimental to a child's development. But on the flip side, I believe being completely devoid of these types of concepts in your youth can make it harder for you to grasp universal concepts as an older person. Thanks for your time and consideration, WBV to you and yours.

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Wholeness, Will. Regarding dealing with sleeping relatives, been there and do that and I feel your headache pain. I would say that you're the greatest tool (no pun intended!) for building your daughter's knowledge of the truth. Teach her all that you've learned and she'll be guided well. Feed her true food and knowledge that will serve her in the future against sleeping giants. Soon she will be able to discern between good and evil at a very early age. Children are the wisest any way, as long as we as parents don't allow outside forces influence and dilute their essences. Keep her third eye clean and opened at all times. Congratulations, you'll make a great father!!
Ohhh, and teach her meditation as well. Children become so well rooted in life through meditation, it's amazing the things they can see and do.

Thank you Dawn for your response, I appreciate what you had to say about this. I'm glad you brought up meditation because that is cetainly something I plan on implementing into her education. Wholeness Dawn and thank you again.

From my experience guiding a child is actually fairly simple. Be honest. Answer question as you are speaking to a peer and not a child. Their own curiosity will raise the questions. Being an example through your integrity and your being-ness in the world. Showing them, not "telling" them the right or good choices will give them the opportunity to grow into the beautiful soul they are here to grow into, or to make the mistakes they need to make to gain understanding. And yes there will be mistakes by both you and them that you will both grow from. The trick is to show how to accept the mistakes, learn from them, and then look forward once again without continually beating yourself up over something in the past you can not do anything about.

So in a nutshell I see the basics as self integrity and forward looking attitudes that will help to foster and support them on their OWN path with as much support as your path allows.

Thanks Tom, you're right, one's own integrity will reflect itself in their children. Accepting mistakes has been a pivotal point in my attempts to grow as a human being and will definitely be something I will remember when raising my child. Thanks again for your response. Wholeness.

Hi Will,

Fist of all, I do not have a child so this is just my own experience. I was raised as a Unitarian Universalist (liberal x-tian), in a climate where engaging with religious concepts from around the world was promoted as a means of understanding others. I value being exposed to various religious books, stories, etc. and i think this is so because none of them were presented to me as if they were indisputably true. Your clear desire for the best of the best for your child is touching. When you introduce "religious" concepts i'm sure you'll honor the questions that surly will arise because Dawn's right on, "Children are the wisest any way, as long as we as parents don't allow outside forces influence and dilute their essences."

Book's like Wave (Suzy Lee) might be good even though they don't directly with esoterica or anything. Also, some of the books from Magination Press are excellent for introducing mindfulness to young readers.

Thanks for your input Stephen, I definitely plan on introducing my daughter to various religions and their texts in an attempt to show her that many different groups of people interpret life and its meaning differently and that none of them are definitively right. I will definitely check out the books that you suggested, thanks again, Wholeness.

Will if you and your child's mother are on the same frequency  then remember that 1 thing is for certain and 2 thing's for sure is that, that beautiful creation is like your very own blank computer to put the most wonderful program in and that's spirituality! I believe at an early age it is very harmful to deliver a message to such precious ears on religions that can only disrupt, confuse and deceive in the child's growth into Spirituality. Detractors will try and gain influence, but you are the protector, overseer and great advisor of  Your child! WBV brother  

My girlfriend is in a similar place to me. She hasn't really tried to define what it is that she believes, her attention has gone to other places in her life and I can't blame her for that. Maybe one day she'll make it more of a priority. We've both been somewhat scarred by religion, namely Christianity. You're right, parenthood brings on an assertiveness that may not exist in a person before being a parent. I'm excited to meet and raise my daughter, to think about the implications of what her future may hold is such a ridiculously awesome feeling. Thanks for your response. Wholeness and be well.

Yes! Really feel you here, wish I'd done that.  My son is 19 now, though and it's never too late.  What I do now matters, and informs the whole field of anyone within the changed auric field.  Thank you for your love and balanced understanding.  Thank you thank you!

I'm glad you could get with what I was trying to say and you're right, it really is never too late as long as a person remains receptive to new concepts. 19 was a strange age for me, I'm 27 now and when I was 19 I was confused about what I should be doing. I was pretty much just waiting until I turned 21 so I could go to clubs and bars at that age. Continue providing truth to your son and one day he'll be able to really innerstand it if he hasn't alread somewhat began to see the validity of what you've been saying. Wholeness and continue to be beautiful.

Hi Will, thank you for posting this, I hope there is someone in the Wholeness Family who could guide those of us with children. I do not subscribe to any of the church faiths, however my son is forced to go to church when spending time with his father. My son (7yrs) really dislikes church as he says they keep telling him lies. "That God is out there when he knows God is inside!" When he expresses this to his father he tells my son he is being bad! Oh well I always have a lot to 'undo' when he returns from his father.The only way I do that is to keep telling him what a wonder miracle he is, how wonderful an powerful the natural world around us is and that all that which is taught by man made institutions is based on perception.

It is tough, I wish I could explain it better to him, I however am still unlearning all my conditioning and learning to Own and embrace my sovereignty and wholeness.  



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