Status/Review of Colon Cleansing Kit (& initiation of Internal Cleansning Kit)

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I wanted to share my latest status/results with the Colon Cleansing Kit. I originally purchased the Internal Cleansing Kit, but of course, received the CCK as well. Since I have never done a cleansing, it was recommended I went through with the CCK before performing the ICK. Just as a quick annotation, I have been on a strict diet of no meat/poultry, no diary products, no GMO, no gluten, organic-based meals for 3 months now. I also exercise 5 times a week. I never thought I would ever convince myself to such discipline, nor did I think it would last for as long as it has with no issues. Fortunately, it has shown TREMENDOUS results mentally & physically. I'm sure this help boost my results of the CCK. If you are unfamiliar with any of the products or terms I am referring to in this review, please refer to Sevan's "Virtual Cleansing" videos or the info obtained:

on this site;

Secret Energy ; or

Blessed Herbs .

So, as you may expect, I ran into the common experiences I'm sure most might run into: mental desire for food, & this was just during the pre-cleanse! Ironically, it wasn't as bad once I began the actual cleanse. I decided to proceed with "BEST option," seeing that 1) it was my first cleanse, 2) I wanted to get the most out of the cleanse, & 3) part of me wanted to ensure I got my money's worth. lol

Moving on, after reviewing the booklet, I felt more confident to proceed, even with questions that would arise for my complications. The booklet didn't just answer questions, it gave a more comfortable feeling that you were proceeding in the correct way, no matter in the event of a "fork in the road." Throughout the days, I would experience with good & bad mood swings...nothing serious. It was almost like going through a withdrawal of caffeine, if any of you are familiar with such. Luckily for me, I didn't experience any headaches or sickness of any kind, & I definitely felt like I "caught up" on the amount of water I should have normally been drinking, so it took a bit getting used to having to  urinate so often.

Nonetheless, I must specify that because we are so eager to gain results as soon as possible, you can actually create tension/stress that can interfere with your regular bowel movements. With that being said, I had to remind myself at first that I can't "force" the cleanse, I can only follow the directions to ensure that all goes as planned...literally. I also did not exercise as I regularly do, simply because I didn't want to over do it & experience any unfortunate events. I continued to learn more about self & meditate as needed when times became uneasy or uncomfortable, whether it be mood or lack of energy.

As for the taste/experience with the Toxin Absorber, I will say it is definitely an acquired taste, not to mention, like most, the kit was not bought for flavor. I purchased the Peppermint Leaf flavor, which was a tad strange with apple juice at first, but now am content with it, especially since I know I can tolerate it.

And that's really it! I tried my hardest not to end the cleansing early just to eat, nor did I stuff my face once the 5-day liquid-only fasting was over, since I knew that could cause a shock in my body. I was VERY grateful to have that delicious apple for breakfast in the morning - probably the best apple I've ever had. lol I felt very energetic in a positive sense, & as I began consuming solids again, my strength developed back to a comfortable state. I also sensed a clearer mind. I assure you, it was no placebo affect! I felt more in tune with myself & my environment. Of course, results vary for everyone, this is simply to motivate others & to know that it is not as bad as it may seem to commit to such strict instructions.

I am now commencing the Internal Cleansing kit after completing the 3-day pre-cleanse again. As Sevan has mentioned (& annotated in the booklet), you must not only give your body time to adjust to eating solids again (if following the fasting diet), but you also have to adjust for the Digestive Stimulators in accordance with food. I will add another review of the ICK once completed in 21 days, but just a quick note to keep in mind, most substances that are very good for the body are not very tasteful, if at all. Stay strong through the process, & I assure you, the results will be great!

If anyone has any questions/concerns/comments in relation to my review, feel free to drop a comment below or write me via inbox.

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations to all!


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Nice and clean review, glad that you had a good experience it would only be so because you're right on point with all the topics. This is the adult way. Certainly it will encourage whoever was still in doubt about these type of cleanses. I wish you also an excellent Internal Cleansing in Wholeness.

Thank you Angelo, for the very detailed report on youir cleansing experience. I appreciate it and I am sure that many others will benefit from your retelling of the CC.  You put a lot of time into the sharing of it and I wanted to acknowledge that.




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