so i have yet to really lucid dream, but the dreams i do have are quite vivid and seem to try to convey certain things through symbolism but i can only recall bit's and pieces. i'd like other points of view to give there input of what they get from what i will tell in as much detail as possible.

So before i went to bed i had to stay at my mom's clinic with this tech guy who happened to be asian.

So in my dream the most i can remember is that there was a group of teen's all dudes who were like new initiates to some group getting like a sort of introduction. i stand by one of the initiates and turn my head to then notice my car in place of the speaker and the asian guy from my mom's clinic is working on it. next thing i can recall is that im in my room and the asian tech picks up my katana and starts to sharpen it back to prestine condition. thats the most i can remember but it was very interesting. i feel like this is my subconcious trying to talk through symbolism but its hard only being able to remember a small amount.

Thanks for your time in checking this out Wholeness!

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Ya man I've never had the totally lucid experience either but from what I understand it is nothing like your dream in the tense that lucid dreaming is very conscious astral projection where you are traveling with your moon body as your will sees fit.

To me, I think you are just having those dreams everyone else is having. Is just your leftover thoughts from the day and yes subconscious thoughts too. I mean look at it for what it is. You got the Asian guy there. Just a guy you saw earlier. You got a group of people making introductions and sharpening your blade. All that is to me is your deeper subconscious thoughts about your being part of The Resistance or perhaps another spiritual group you may have recently joined.

It is a common misconception that dreams are bringing some sort of higher message. The kind of dreams you are having are simply just your deeper emotions and surface thoughts rearranging into your pranically charged body in the morning.

Each night you sleep your astral body goes to a prana charging station and based on your experiences through the previous day, your astral body and brain will work together to bring a balance back to your entire being after the charge takes place. This why they call sleep recharging your batteries and also why you wake up fresh, or not, each day depending on your quality of sleep which has very much to do with what you are putting into the body, what time your last meal was (earlier the better), etc. So in this way every day starts with a brand new fresh slate but is also based on the experiences of emotions and thoughts you had been bidding up the previous day and days past.

The key for you is to set your intentions on getting the body ready first. You are going to make it hard on yourself if you drink Pepsi and eat steaks. While you are working on these habits it is proper for you to find a way to be excited for sleep but yet calm and balanced too because you are going to be lucid soon! Keep a journal of your dreams each morning but don't read into them too much. Your goal is to make the astral travel and recharging that takes place during sleep seem realer and realer each day. You will notice that when you free write or journal your dreams without overanalyzing them that you are actually carrying over the glory of astral travel and balanced feeling from recharge into your waking walking around state. Quite literally, keeping your dreams alive. But don't overanalyze them. The reason why people think there is a message in their dreams is because they are not lucid so its like "ugh I know there is something about dreaming" but they can't figure out what it is. I just told you.

Its a process to get lucid but it is a possibility for every single person on the planet so of course you will get there if you set your intentions on it.

Also know you are in the right place and others will be able to help you even better than I can. There is also tons of information on The Resistance web site so you should be good to go.

See you in the Astral and on the Quest!
It would seem like the Asian gentlemen is going to help you in a spiritual or informational way not just your mom with the computer. the sharpening of the tool could also mean in dialogue to make you better or sharper by the end of your ineraction with him. The initiate portion of the dream could stand for his or your membership. This is only my interpretation so please also consider the other post. I would. Use the websites liked on the site for symbology.

Awesome! thanks Roberta and Alex i will definitely take heed your words. Wholeness! 

Hello I'm new here nice to meet you. So I'm taking a class that involves dream interpretation and some of the keys that have been helpful to me I will share with you. So everything, person you experience in a dream is an aspect of yourself. Males to a male represent aspects of the conscious mind. Females to a male represent aspects of the subconscious mind. It is opposite for females. So think of the persons characteristics and personality in your dream as they are personifying that aspect within your self. So this group of young males might represent your conscious desires to be a part of a growing group. So cars represent a vehicle, movement of thought which was being worked on by the Asian guy. So what is he personifying and what kind of vehicle is he preparing for what? transitions represents conditions or constructs of mind. So your room is comfortable known safe, and a sword is a tool so if he's sharpening this tool and repairing the car it seems as if your working on your self in preparation of change in your life or are going through "positive changes".

Something that might help is to keep a dream journal and every night before you go to bed write, I will remember my dreams and date it for the day you will wake up. This sets a conscious intention giving the desire more strength. Also draw a line down the middle or leave space to describe the people or aspects of self, room to decode.

I'm not an expert at this but I hope this helps a bit I can tell you it works for me. Happy dreaming brother.

awesome interpretation! much thanks indeed.



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