When I lucid dream, it always happens within a dream already in progress.  Suddenly I realize I'm dreaming, and I can see the fakery of the scenario.  For a moment I feel the dream pull at me, attempting to reoccupy my mind and end my lucid state.  I always feel exhilarated when I can resist and remain lucid.

When I first began experiencing lucid dreams, one of my first self studies was of the people who appear while you are in a lucid state.  For me, they always fit into one of three categories:

1) Energy constructs with the intelligence of a cardboard box. They either attempt to continue the dream's story line or they walk away like glassy eyed zombies. You can't communicate with them.  There is nothing there.  It is really unnerving, especially when it is someone you know in reality.

2)  Other dreamers who are still asleep.  They are usually people whom I happen upon later in my lucid travels.  You can communicate with them to an extent, but they always seem confused and easily led.  It's as if I have accidently walked into their dream and complicated things for them.

3)  Other lucid dreamers. I only met one other lucid dreamer years ago.  He scared the bejesus out of me, because I was not expecting to find another awakened person there.  The experience made me begin to lose my own lucidity, so I don't remember much about it.  I have not met another lucid dreamer since then.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had similar experiences, and if they will share their own theories and conclusions about the people we meet while lucid dreaming.

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Are you saying in the last comment that you met another lucid dreamer in your dream?  or you met him in waking reality?  I have never met another lucid dreamer in person, or in a dream either.  

Another lucid dreamer within the dream... or whom I believed to be another lucid dreamer. He did not fit the first two categories I listed.

It looks like some of the typing in my original post isn't appearing. Highlight the entire post and the missing text will show itself.

Ok, i see now.  that makes a little more sense.  I dont really interact with people in my dreams much.  I can if i choose, but some fit the description in number one. Most are like #2.   I believe people in our dreams are only our own interpretations of people, if that makes any sense to you.  Really, once i start lucid dreaming other people in the dream can be manipulated and controlled to behave how i want.  But I cant change who the people are.  If i try, i will wake up, or they will turn into a disfigured form of the original person.

I never thought to try to change who the people are in a lucid dream or attempt to make someone new show up for that matter. I'll have to try that sometime and see what happens.

I have tried making objects appear and changing the colors of objects already around me, but I have noticed this takes practice. For example, if I try to make a frying pan appear I might receive a tea kettle or some other kitchen appliance instead.

I have also tried changing landscapes but this can be difficult for me, too. It is easier for me to simply walk to a new local in the dream and see where it takes me. If I don't like the local, then I switch directions and go somewhere else.

Have you ever run into a bridge made of light in your lucid travels? It is the one area I have been afraid to enter. I sense it leads somewhere outside of the lucid dream. I haven't worked up the courage yet to check it out.


Changing the landscapes causes me to wake up, or lose lucidity. I can however change night to day and vice versa with ease. To change landscapes or scenery, I have to leave the area and enter a new one. I do that by exiting a door, or most often flying away. When I want an object, it either just appears in my hand, or I know where to go find it. But it is always something I need in the dream. Most often it is a sword to kill monsters. When I am confronted by violent humans I only use my hands to beat them. Or I just fly away.

I don't remember ever encountering a bridge of any kind. But a bridge of light brings to mind Norse mythology. It was used by the gods to travel to other worlds. Valhalla, and the Biofrost.

Interesting that you bring this up, because I was just watching a video by Reese Jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDhoFt7tKoQ about meeting other awakened beings in dream/astral/oobe/lucid arenas.  I am of the absolute opinion that you surely can connect with other travelers as is Robert Bruce who literally wrote the book on Astral Traveling.  It really is just is a case of your second/astral/ethereal body vibrating at a different state that can link up with both awakened and non-awakened travelers. 

As Sevan puts it, the only reason we may see things/people/events that don't mimic our reality/actuality from the dream world to the waking life is that our filters are dirty and so the images and projections of ideas don't transcend through the planes of vibration and time to look perfectly like our dreams. If we are to clean our Chi-cars (chakras) then the radiated holograms that spew from them would be more exacted to our dream events that we can in effect 'lower' down into this dimension to participate in.




Thanks for the link! Interesting stuff!


Wow, I didn't know about bridge of light in Norse mythology. I will have to look that up!



Yes yes and yes...it's funny because I was waiting for someone to ask that question lol..recently as in the last couple of months I've been seein more and more fellow lucid dreamers and it has been off the hook amazing every time! I've doin my dreaming practices for a while now so I'm rarely ever surprised. Bit this time got me.. normally I'm like the head hauncho when it comes to my astral experiences but one day while having a lucid dream I was walking down some street in my neighborhood which is a combination of like 4 different areas when I'm lucid, when I see this group of people walking along also..so being e show off that I am I decided to surprise them by floating around them while sitting in the lotus! Yes I have fun in my dreams it is a daily requirement..anywho so now of course they see and all of them looked stunned I landed and told them this was a dream! And then thas whn it happened all 5 or six of them grabbed their nose and did a reality check! And the excitement came they were all awake in my obe..we started flyin around talking to each other..it was nice! We were playin telekinetic catch with a soccer ball lol it was really fun I was so shocked..I was used to everyone being drones that I can easily control..these guys were fully independent of my influence it was amazing..and now it's been an ongoin thing for me to see a fellow lucid dreamer at least once a week and it has been happening...oh and I did an experiment..if the person you see in your dreams have a physical body in 3d as well as in the astral then if u wake them up in your lucid dream or obe, it's a good chance that their human counterpart 3d self will have a lucid dream or obe as well..me and a friend of mine did it more than once..every time I see him in my OBE's I wake him up in the dream, when i wake up I call him to find out he had a lucid dream also!his happened again 2 days ago! it's starting to really happen!..lucid dreams to you my friend! Wholeness!



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