Where to go and what to do after your soul leaves the earth body?

Hi everyone and  _wholeness and vibration_. This is my very first post in here and I m Norwegian so exuse me if there is any typoes or weird put togheter scentences lol

This answer is most likely out there somewhere in Sevans radio shows and videos, but I cant seem to find more deep details about this topic atm. So Ill give it a shot in here. Maybe someone knows and can help.

I allready know when the earth body dies. The soul rise up towards the sun and its like oposite gravety (your pulled away from earth) I allready know the Sun is a portal and that where we are suppost to travel in there. BUT......

My question here is. What are you suppost to do when you hit this glass thats around the earth and prevents you from reaching the sun and getting away and being free?
It may be a stupid question cause the Resistance is here to assist and activate us superhumans so we can break free. But still I just wonder... what if you all of a sudden die without being done with the activation of Self? And your floating around right there by the glass? Is there any other way? This have bothered me for a long time now. Cause I DONT wanna reincarnate ever again on this planet. I dont wanna be stuck in that neverending weel. I wanna break free just like the rest of you!

So I really hope someone out there have the answer Im looking for :)

Thank you

Malin from Norway

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Neil, I love you.

The soya bean and maize plant alterations are abominations that have been unleashed on this planet.  The karma building on this planet is great.  If people think things are bad now, just wait...

This documentary will give you some good insight. Basically at the end of the day go without fear and remember the lessons life has given you. I also recommend actually reading the book. :) 

Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead | History Channel Documentary


Wow Tibetan Book of the dead. Ill def watch the vid! Sounds interesting.

Yes Indeed fear is a big nono. Its a illusion so you really have nothing to fear at all. Fear is a TRAP. If you see something scary in astral it actually isent. They are just different probaly just lost souls that no one cared about. And they are the ones that needs the most love so just project that to them. I do though.

And learn the lessons yes. I keep telling myself that everyday. Allways trying to understand everything in different ways so I dont miss out on whats really goin on. THis quote is serioulsy BURNED in my memory for some weird reason : " Things are not allways what they seem like. ". And cause of this I allways try to remember that I have to double check/ research everything from all sides to get the complete truth and allways be open :) Half truths can mislead you...

I will Lubri, Thank you :)

Most people do not remember what they were doing 1 minute ago, 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago, 1 week ago, month, year, etc.  The vast majority of people are consciously asleep, the vast majority are not awake when their bodies are physically asleep.  If one is that consciously asleep to think that they will have control over the outcome of their soul when death arrives is a foolish trick of the mind.

I have heard that if you are not working on yourself and have not created your solar bodies then you will be taken in by nature and broken down in order to remove the impure elements from your soul (which is a sort of hell, nature will perform the work you could not do on your own) so that you can be sent back in order to carry out the work again.  All of this depending on one's own karma of course.

Depending on the work you carried out on yourself and for others, perhaps you will be given some time in the heavenly realms, but depending on one's own karma chances are you will be sent back to the material world.

Alternatively, of course, based on one's own karma you could also be sent back into the animal or plant kingdoms.  This is a possibility.  Remember, the only thing that separates a human from an animal is the ability to reason (animals with intelligence).  A human being is beyond human (intellectual animal) and has built a tremendous amount of objective reasoning, which is what the work is all about.

Work on oneself, annihilate the ego...

gnosticteachings.org   lots of great complete lectures there and good information

One final note:  I wouldn't necessarily trust the views expressed by scholars from the history channel in their interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  I highly doubt that any of those scholars are initiates, so their knowledge on the matter is profane at best.

-All the best

Isnt the universe one big grid of consciousness experiencing itself from different angles? What you preceive as yourself dies and you get absorbed into the wast infinite consciousness. what we preceive as ourselves right now is just an illusion.

And to Malin ..when you die you just consciousness you not a human anymore so how can you get trapped? Personally i would only care if i had a self..but i know the self is just an illusion created by the universe to experience itself! ....maan the universe is playiin with "us"

I think that was a great question, but there's only one problem. If someone tells you, you wouldn't know if they were wrong until it was to late. lol But on a more serious note I've been hearing alot about this glass and I've even watched its fractized  glimmering crystalline surface inches from my face but I didn't break through unfortunately. Is that really my prisons wall or the cube I gained my earth ring from within. I guess that's why were here trying to weed through whats being disclosed for specifics. I do think its important to innerstand these obvious no brainers when looking into this matter, realm dynamics, how to speak in light, how to determine the energetic signatures of higher frequency beings, how to move in soul form, how to determine which light is artificial, how to dispel or move away from beings intending to put you in a fear state, how to radiate bliss, how to visualize the coordinates of your desires and quantum teleport with will power. You can read a million books but some things have to be experienced for you to gain this type of experience. Hopefully one of our brothers or sisters on this site will activate and make it easy for all of us. lol          

Shampeon, self is just an illusion: 

Word Origin & History

mid-14c., "act of deception," from O.Fr. illusion "a mocking," from L. illusionem (nom. illusio) "a mocking,jesting, irony," from illudere "mock at," lit. "to play with," from in- "at" + ludere "to play" (see ludicrous).Sense of "deceptive appearance" developed in Eng. late 14c.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper 
Exactly what My Self is trying to tell my other Self's...The Matrix Movies were trying to tell us as well... The deceptive appearance is the world we wake up in... the whirled we communicate in... I would like to make a logic analogy.. when you watch a movie, you get so immersed in the movie you forget that it isn't real, you forget about the scriptwriters, producers, directors, camera people, grips, sound engineers, make-up etc that make the movie possible.. it is the same with the movie of your self... what does the movie maker want to do ? does he want to entertain only ? If the answer is yes then : 
"Isn't the universe one big grid of consciousness experiencing itself from different angles? What you perceive as yourself dies and you get absorbed into the wast infinite consciousness. what we perceive as ourselves right now is just an illusion."
Shampoen theory is plausible, but my self's theory is that he wants to make money and he wants fame and notoriety more so than just to entertain... so my self has noticed that my other self's have forgotten that they are in a movie cos if they universe wanted to experience itself there would be an equal amount of people experiencing hardship and joy or poverty and wealth, that's logic isn't it ? Why does one percent only want to experience abundance while the others experience poverty ? What's the big deal with struggling to pay Bill ?
That movie is way over screened..... 
So what if a group of us decided to want to have all the good parts in the movie over and over again and again and again... That's what the Gnostic's were basically trying to tell us... they were attempting to warn their brethren about the false creation and the renegade group who were stealing all the good parts and not playing fair.. They deviated from the natural order and then real-eyes-D
that they were cut off or had fallen out of the natural way of playing and therefore set up a system where they call the shots while stealing our energy cos we are from source and are still going through the whole dying and being born anew again....while they are not...
hence the world we inhabit today
is not such a nice place to play
as it was once back in the day
C U you people force me to rhyme
to take you back in time to
where we didn't have to give a dime
and lived a life sublime

Helo Malin

I to live in Scandinavia (Sweden) here with the Trend far from Romania.

I think the power of our soul can overcome absolute everything.

There why we come back ?

What i think is happening You going outside of body and being One with The Universe start to understand Everything.

So how can you allow this to go on in The Universe,some call it Compassion.

Hello, maybe you already did find good answers but i wanted you to try out considering a few things...

First of all, i'll have to warn you that i'll only use your original post as a material, second, what i will try to expose can't be considered like a truth unless spending some time thinking on it, and third: in this present case you'll be righteous to shoot the mailmen and keep the mail, i won't be mad for it :)

So if i understand right you just want to stop the process of reincarnation. I guess you considered well this request and your decision is now done.

So for the way out i'll have to quote you: 

" I allready know the Sun is a portal and that where we are suppost to travel in there. BUT......"

No, our "regular sun" isn't and will never be a portal for this purpose. Getting into it would be the best known way to reincarnate in the place you just did leave. I wrote "regular sun" because there is another known (but never well or fully understood) kind of Sun, it is "black holes".

While our Sun isn't more than the Fundamental note in our solar system (try to see it as a musical Scale), Black holes are our only "real" Suns. Acting like a reincoding point once you "jumped" in it.

But you'll have to act carefully if you decide to get out of the grid because you'll most probably end up begining a new circle of reincarnation from another encoding point.

"What are you suppost to do when you hit this glass thats around the earth and prevents you from reaching the sun and getting away and being free?"

This question is complex and you wrote a part of answer above in another question:

"And your floating around right there by the glass? Is there any other way?"

So basically what you described as a glass surrounding Earth is something quite analog to an EM field, in fact after death you won't be wandering in the space between Earth and the "glass" you'll be literally wandering IN the "structure of the glass".

So yes it's possible to end the loop of reincarnation process, it's up to you, if you want it, you'll actualize it in the right time.

But anything you'll decide, you'll have to do it very carefully.

I'm sure you'll make the good choice when the time will come, unless you'll have to wait till the next "switch point".

Be yourself.



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