Where to go and what to do after your soul leaves the earth body?

Hi everyone and  _wholeness and vibration_. This is my very first post in here and I m Norwegian so exuse me if there is any typoes or weird put togheter scentences lol

This answer is most likely out there somewhere in Sevans radio shows and videos, but I cant seem to find more deep details about this topic atm. So Ill give it a shot in here. Maybe someone knows and can help.

I allready know when the earth body dies. The soul rise up towards the sun and its like oposite gravety (your pulled away from earth) I allready know the Sun is a portal and that where we are suppost to travel in there. BUT......

My question here is. What are you suppost to do when you hit this glass thats around the earth and prevents you from reaching the sun and getting away and being free?
It may be a stupid question cause the Resistance is here to assist and activate us superhumans so we can break free. But still I just wonder... what if you all of a sudden die without being done with the activation of Self? And your floating around right there by the glass? Is there any other way? This have bothered me for a long time now. Cause I DONT wanna reincarnate ever again on this planet. I dont wanna be stuck in that neverending weel. I wanna break free just like the rest of you!

So I really hope someone out there have the answer Im looking for :)

Thank you

Malin from Norway

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Hi Daniel.

Yes im pretty shure there are obstacles when you leave the earth body for good and maybe you can aslo see this glass when you are astral travelling? I have been astral travelling but I dont have full controll over this yet. I havent been up there to see if there is this glass but Ive heard many stories.. Also that there are a device up there (Made by bad ETS) capturing souls and send them down to a new reincarnation after the memory is taken away/viped out. But this thing with the glass I heard mentioned in one of Sevans videoes for the first time in here so that made me wonder...

Its said to be some sort of glass. A layer around earth to prevent souls from breaking free and returning to source ( the Sun portal) - They wanna have their dumbed down slaves. Endeless reincarnations and memory viped out each time. Thats why this earth is called the prison planet. Or known by it.  So there has to be way around this glass or whatever obsticals up there.. There are also said to be different tunnels up there..

Thank you for your reply RAMOB, I appriciate that :) I actually heard in here (Recistance video/radioshow) that that the lower beings/souls/ bad ETs have tecnolegy that catches souls after they leave the earth body so they go straight into that reincarnation weel to live another dumb lifetime again to be slaves for theese selfish beings instead of moving on and being free.Its said to be a blinking light ...(Just like the musquito gets drawn to a glowing lightbulb and when it goes into it it dies.Silly example but something to think about.Maybe this is true?  Its a reason its called the prison planet right? And yes def higher vibration is a important key :) I would like to message you soon if you have some more information. Thank you :)

Your right NEIL lol...Im Norwegian as mentioned in my mainpost. English is my second language.( Im not perfect at it but Im gettin there.) Cause I was thinking you were offended by me or something haha so I took your little comment there trough serious eyes. Now I am aware of that :)

No more being tricked by the blinking light allright.. thats why Im trying to figure out how to get past this so called glass.. (We dont even know if its there) But thats what I heard In here (Sevan video)..
But on the other side of things I actually was told by a trustworthy psyckic that I know that I came here to this planet by free will to help and express my uniqueness and strengthen myself as well...I took a guided past life regression togheter with this person in fysical  form and lets put it this way. I was NOT human. And not from and on planet earth. Such awesome lives out in the universe and now Im in this dump lol...(Allways had this inner knowing of this where I was from/what I were before This life). Plus it was said this was my last life and then I was going back where I came from when this journey on Gaia was over??So who am I suppost to belive .. But I wanna be totally shure I have all the info and knowlengde about this subject. I have allways been a searcher and I look as this life like a journey witch it is for us all.  Btw Some say its also different tunnels up there to fly trough...

I actually heard somewhere that you are suppost to remember all your past lives. Cause how can you improve and grow whitout knowing what you did wrong in the last life? Memory is wiped out so people forget who they really are. But this is just a theory. As Its said the astral world is where you control the fysical life.. So its pretty messed up over there so you NEED to know where to go.. and navigate when your on the other side.

The egyptians yes I know they prepeared their whole life to die. (Soul travel away from the body) So these people obvielsy understood that they needed training to navigate trough things on the other side? hm.

Yes its so sad... Like you said. People spending almost their whole life watching tv/ cable (I have a tv but no channels on it) I never use it..should sell it. Plus dept.. Ill be FINALLY deptfree soon after a loong time, so thats one less burden I have in life lol :) My way towards freedoom yay!! But yes most people are mislead when they should should be focusing on something completely different. But thats how the system is made. To mislead people away from themselves. Just keep looking at the fun sircus yep!

Thank you for the links, Ill check em out.

Every coincidence is no coincidence. This is not a prison planet, this is our planet, our home. This body was created here and ment to live here, just because you dont see somthing doesnt mean its not there. with that said there are higher dimensions where we can live and are not controlled the same way. think of it this way , if a child is given money all his/her life or pampered, they will take everything for granted, thats the same way you can look at our powers, if we were just given powers and everything was easy, we would take it for granted and not appreciate the little things. the higher we go in dimension the closer we become one with these beings you call self serving or negative. they are doing there part, for they are a part of you. this is why finding inner balance is very important... if your radiating positivity and a negative being walks by, and you kill them because of the huge amount of positivity you are radiating, is this a good thing? in my opinion, it is not, again this goes into balance. some of these beings dont know this themselves and are also learning. to be on this planet you must innerstand you are as they say special, or gifted. many want to be here, to experience, but are not able. this body is capable of some EXTRAORDINARY things, i wont get into it, but from what i have experienced, this is one of the most high tech bodies in the infinite space. the possibilites are endless. love and wholeness to all.

my friend, first off its ramob, and not rambo. second your harsh opinions i ask please keep to yourself. third, your journey is yours to judge, i have experienced differently so i speak of my own experiences. food for thought, in laymans terms. think of creation, to create bad or good, it takes creation energy, in anyway you want to think of it, those "elite" you speak of also have this creation energy within them. so anyway you want to look at it, they are like us in one way or another. part of them is like a part of you. balance in the vibrations of wholeness.

As i see your in a fear based "elite" mindset, i will say your claim to the "splicing" of DNA is incorrectly stated, for if you haven't done your research it is the "elite" that need more energy consumption and monatomic medical attention for they do not generate energy themselves, i.e Unbalanced. Again, i ask you nicely to not call names, and express harsh opinions on this site. W.B.V.

I innerstand where your logic is coming from my friend, i do not judge, for i repeat what works for one may not work for another, everyone's journey is different. Your destiny is in your hands, reason I ask not to state harsh opinions, is because not everybody is ready to be criticized, especially in awakening. The ancient future is the present :) for time is only perception. much love to you my friend.

Neil, I love you.

The soya bean and maize plant alterations are abominations that have been unleashed on this planet.  The karma building on this planet is great.  If people think things are bad now, just wait...

This documentary will give you some good insight. Basically at the end of the day go without fear and remember the lessons life has given you. I also recommend actually reading the book. :) 

Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead | History Channel Documentary


Wow Tibetan Book of the dead. Ill def watch the vid! Sounds interesting.

Yes Indeed fear is a big nono. Its a illusion so you really have nothing to fear at all. Fear is a TRAP. If you see something scary in astral it actually isent. They are just different probaly just lost souls that no one cared about. And they are the ones that needs the most love so just project that to them. I do though.

And learn the lessons yes. I keep telling myself that everyday. Allways trying to understand everything in different ways so I dont miss out on whats really goin on. THis quote is serioulsy BURNED in my memory for some weird reason : " Things are not allways what they seem like. ". And cause of this I allways try to remember that I have to double check/ research everything from all sides to get the complete truth and allways be open :) Half truths can mislead you...

I will Lubri, Thank you :)

Most people do not remember what they were doing 1 minute ago, 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago, 1 week ago, month, year, etc.  The vast majority of people are consciously asleep, the vast majority are not awake when their bodies are physically asleep.  If one is that consciously asleep to think that they will have control over the outcome of their soul when death arrives is a foolish trick of the mind.

I have heard that if you are not working on yourself and have not created your solar bodies then you will be taken in by nature and broken down in order to remove the impure elements from your soul (which is a sort of hell, nature will perform the work you could not do on your own) so that you can be sent back in order to carry out the work again.  All of this depending on one's own karma of course.

Depending on the work you carried out on yourself and for others, perhaps you will be given some time in the heavenly realms, but depending on one's own karma chances are you will be sent back to the material world.

Alternatively, of course, based on one's own karma you could also be sent back into the animal or plant kingdoms.  This is a possibility.  Remember, the only thing that separates a human from an animal is the ability to reason (animals with intelligence).  A human being is beyond human (intellectual animal) and has built a tremendous amount of objective reasoning, which is what the work is all about.

Work on oneself, annihilate the ego...

gnosticteachings.org   lots of great complete lectures there and good information

One final note:  I wouldn't necessarily trust the views expressed by scholars from the history channel in their interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  I highly doubt that any of those scholars are initiates, so their knowledge on the matter is profane at best.

-All the best



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