No one here will tell you what to believe, think, or feel, but we do give choices and present opportunity.

The time is now to be aware of your greatness your ability to create without limitations from the inside out. Let go of the fear!

What are we leaving the children? The mishap that has been done to us should never be duplicated. We have the ability to change that dark presence even if it’s just changing the way we perceive it.  The universe has been teaching many of us that the pain of our experiences enables us to stand up in the face of a storm. To be glad she blows, to laugh, hear our voices yelling in the strong winds, and feel the weather on our faces.  Experience it all! Don’t run or play dead, because even in the face of the destruction that a storm can bring a place to build.  It brings with it a new place for life, for new growth, opportunity and a place for love, light and creativity.

All that we have been unpacking and learning all that we have experienced, even if only for the sake of empathizing with what we no longer want to be.  All that we see in others is and in ourselves is part of the experience of creating and functioning as a higher being in the now. We come to realize all is self….

Some of us wonder if what we feel is real, If what we know is useful, we even wonder at times, if we are on the right path. Yes, we are.

Remember when you first received consciousness….

Remember when you first realized you had a higher purpose outside of the Matrix. We can continue to use our inner light to guide us down the right paths.


If that doesn’t work go back and remember when you were a child and you were already and outsider in the system around you. The child who questioned a system they weren’t even able to articulate about yet. Whether it was asking too many questions in Sunday school, or realizing the things being taught in school was somehow aloof, watered down or just plain untruths. You somehow knew something was off-key something was not quite right so you questioned it. Question the half-truths and mixed signals now as we did as a child before we became programed to fear.

Eventually we were told the problem was us, and it was not the things around us. They told us we had the issues. Over time many of us where attacked in different ways, by the very same system of things we naturally rejected maybe as an innocent child we were abused in some way. As we grew they told many of us that we were crazy. We were placed in mental health facilities, or put on some type or medication. Perhaps we turned, to drugs or some other escape. There’s times we just assimilated and conformed under the pressure because we had no validation.

Whatever the experience we had of the past it will help us to realize no one can implant or duplicate these authentic experiences, or memories that connected us to our consciousness.

Before we had access to in information we were off balance

After our hearts and minds guided us through mass amounts of information we eventually put it together along with our personal experiences.  We showed up here at the Resistance we begin to be in the know, see we were not alone, and see we are special.


Now the people that have been in power want to confuse us.  They need to keep us slaves to the system of things by getting us to continue letting them design how we think. They want to indoctrinate us with fear, and doubt, but we can say no, no, no. Not anymore….  

We are important and for that reason we have been set on this journey.  Many of us are unaware that our choice to be conscious is actually turning the balance of the war being fought in the astral.  Our energy sways things in our direction. let nothing detour us, by filling us with doubt and fear. Fear and doubt are their only weapons against us and they can easily be dismantled by our own will to believeand see things our own particular way.

It’s our right to choice our own reality. Reality is how we chose to perceive things through our own objectivity. We shouldn’t let people pick for us how to perceive our lives, and our individual experiences.  

We are being told by some there is only one reality and we are to choose the right one. People are telling us things and promoting fear in one form or another all over the world. We have people telling us what our choices should be and what they look like.  We have people giving us deadlines for choosing their realties and not our own. We are here to show those clowns how silly they really are, and how not so funny, because the jokes on them. We are about to change the world!

Brothers and sisters isn’t that the way things in the matrix have always been presented to us? Sometimes our night mares are real, but this is the time our dreams can be real they can be manifested into reality. Right now! The time is now, but it’s totally our choice whether to choose a reality based on fear, the reality where we continue to look for a savior, or the one where we shine our own light and sing our own song.

In the past is what we have done is look for someone else to carry our torches. We didn’t want to deal with the burden of responsibility Its difficult having to do self-maintenance or order to balance our own inner-light. Some of us didn’t know we even had the ability to carry our torch, because it wasn’t encouraged. We either gave them away, or threw our torches away. 


Something else picked them up and distorted our light with the very power we gave them.  This is how we have blindly co-signed for whatever reality they made for us and whatever truth they deemed acceptable to feed us and we exsepted it like clones ….

The time is now to say no, I’m not doing that any longer

No you don’t have the right to indoctrinate me with fear

You don’t have the right to choose how I see my world or experience it

You don’t have the right to use my inner light for dysfunction

You don’t have the right to tell me I can not create beauty, or love in this place in any place

I except my torch and I carry it willingly it’s represents me


I found myself while writing this wondering about what does this all come down to. For many of us it’s things that fuel our fear?  There are things people in the matrix tell us in order to keep us programed. 3D tells us not to speak of the shadow self. We are left wondering and asking questions like what about the darkness that lurks inside of us? 

What about those parts of self that are not love and light and the parts we deem not beautiful? There is a part that trembles in the face of its own shadow, its own darkness.  Until we’ve realize our shadow is telling us is it our friend, and it’s an extension of  the self we aspire to be, we will remain afraid. The reason for that is if we can’t face ourselves we cannot truly face anything else.  Like the Indian proverb says “it’s easy to be brave from a distance.”  We need to face ourselves.  We need to face our own shadows. The movie dune has a line that really works it’s “fear is the mind killer, I must not fear."

As much darkness as we are capable of producing that’s how much light we can produce also, and more.  When the light is on its mass takes up more space than our shadows do, the bigger the darkness even bigger the light. We can’t carry a torch without it casting a shadow, thus is the stat of duality.

However, it’s a choice we can decide when and what we to manifest outside or inside of ourselves.  To know that as big as our shadows can be is as big as the potential for the light we can shine on others.

It’s about the experience, and that can bring us inner peace. The inner peace that we give ourselves. Not the inner peace some organization tells us we are entitled to, but the one we earned by managing, and maintaining our own inner verses.

We can choose to have no more co-signing the use of boxes like, categories, labels, tittles, social classes, races, creeds or religions. We can choose to live in a reality where we pick up our torches and allow our love and light to shine. Though the present darkness we can light the way for others. The image is only a hologram in3D. People only see what they perceive others want them to see, it’s not who we really are, and  it’s certainly not all we are. 

It is time to gather our inner-song to push past obstacles that are a part of an illusion. I say this because many things only manifest themselves because we say they can. We make an agreement to co-sign obstacles that need not be considered as such.


Join the rest of us now outside of the fear being spread:

Pick up our crystals

Ring our bells

Clean our auras

Give our self a big hug

Activate and unclog our chakras

Light our candels

Tame our snake energy

Manage our manta chia

Project out inner chi

Shine our inner light

Activate our pyramid

Tap into our ancient wisdom

And listen to our higher selves

Or whatever else you want or need to do to make it happen. The time is now, and I’m not saying we don’t have tomorrow, I’m just saying if not now when? It’s a perfect opportunity. Let’s pick up our touches, love our selves, and create a new world with our wills and the power of our minds on this day. and all the rest.




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Thank you for this, I am always touched in an inspired place when I listen to the best of myself speak of my own potential.
I have a long but easy road ahead of me, I am staying focused and bringing light into the darkness.


You created inner smiles for me today Thank     you

If not now - when? Now, is when! <3

Thank you so much for reminding me of this post!  I had forgot what I wrote for us when we where in the thick of it.. Indeed lovely sister Janet... Its always time right now to do something great, new, and helpful for others and ourselves:)  I've managed to do all theses things in this life time already, and we are still moving through timeless, so "the time is still now always now" for change. happy tears love  :)

own the now and you have already won! :)

love to you soul sistar... you are a star and a force for good! 


I have been thinking of what to say to you; the time is now! Yes, the time has always been now. Especially, for you and I Janet, however, as I tried to publish and edit I saw that your art transcended the book I wrote “A new song”.  I had it in front of me I had jeans art and your art. I did not know what it meant or why I was stuck. It just was not good enough, I felt it I, who was just not good enough. I thought, I cannot write from the past the future self, until she comes to me. This is a lie. I knew at that time hope was more than the unconscious me it was representing us all! I saw my friends backed a mediocre writer. I did not feel worthy to represent all of us, and then energy came to ensure I continued to feel that way. I saw the bad not the progress for a little time. My writing abilities and confidence had to grow like a rainbow of hope in friends eyes It goes deeper than I can tell, it’s been a real spiritual journey breaking strong holds and such things that happen that we must overcome in the matrix we  confirm and learn about here. I did not want any subliminal crap in our book. I’m now writing it over again thinking of our journey as it was meant to be. I will show you what we did when I am done. I love you. All is self. Thanks for being patient with me love, and thanks for being such a good sister, by not hassling me, letting me grow while your work sat on the side; “for a long time!”  lol  J So what I’m saying is, yes,  the time is always now. I need to see the pictures, I needed them to haunt me, and talk to me. I need to think of my promise so I didn’t wander to fare from home. I need to see my words come back to me like a rainbow bridge that I made for others to stand on, then so I knew it was safe for me to go. Strange, but the more I waited the more unworthy I felt. I could not go and show everyone my work again until I was told everything was okay and until I felt more like the person I was trying to be. It kind of reminds me of the Gen story; with the genie in a lamp not being able to get free until he provide 3 wishes to prove his worth. Thank you for the pictures thank you for being here. Let us see what this year is going to bring us love :) The time is always now for something, we can be sure of that! indeed. :)

Great piece of work, this should be posted at the beginning of the sight. I give it a 100%

Thank you for bring this back to me love... :) wholeness!

thank you sis! :) 

Great work, beautiful mindful innersight... All is self a most, Noble maxim 


 Much love sis, glad to be back home. all is well :)

Just coming across this thank you

You are very welcome brother. Its been a long road, and sometimes we forget our zeal we had in the beginning of a thing. when we are in the middle. Thank you for helping remind me of my own voice. Its been noisy for a while yet, hearing you, my family, hear me again, is good and I know now I'm okay today and so are you brother. :) That's golden life line love! all is well wholeness and well balanced vibrations to you! To us all! 



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