Hey all, I had a question about something I continue to experience randomly as I am attempting to fall asleep sometimes.

Some nights while I lay in bed, going to sleep, eyes closed, I get these rushes of energy in my chest, in my heart and my gut that are so strong and so powerful that it almost makes me nervous if something is happening that I need to be more aware of.

I haven't experienced rushes of energy like that, except maybe for the feelings of a sudden adrenaline rush or an event that gives you a 'gut check' feeling.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced such a thing and what it could possibly be.

I do meditate and all that but I am yet to have any break-through's or find any significant changes. Not sure if that has an effect.

Thanks, wholeness,


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I'd like to add that it seems my conscious attention to these areas was provoking or intensifying the rush of energy.
It wasn't a "I'm wired and can't sleep" but rather just a feeling like, well I don't really know how to describe it.

Thanks in advance.


Greetings andrea, well these energy surges are mainly linked with when you relax, you go into a trance or the subconscious.    which the body is mostly sleeping and the energy body is taking control. From these fazes your able to astral travel or basically do whatever you want. From the comment you posted, when your brain is in a trance, and is working on an alpha frequency your able to control your energy and yes direct it to where you want it. hope this helps.

Thank you Ramob, it feels like what you are describing because I am only conscious for a few seconds/minutes after this happens. Maybe I am slipping from one state into the next and I am able to feel that energy in more profound ways.
I would love to know if there is any way I can use this occurrence to my advantage to astral travel...if this is what is happening.

Thank you! Wholeness,

Yes this is whats happening, my recommendation is to search on youtube how to astrally project, and practice. Now that you know your having signs of energy body activation then pursue your goal. The main thing is to have intent and practice as many times as is takes. it took me a while but with intent i managed to become comfortable in these situations and achieve my goal. after you search and get some techniques and practice, i only have 1 thing i want you to know that many people dont mention in videos, we travel in the astral realms every night, so this isnt somthing new to you, the new part is to do this consciously.

no problem, anytime, please feel free to ask questions whenever.

much love, balance in the vibrations of wholeness!

I'm not sure of what you're talking about as I don't think I ever or yet experienced those "energy rushes" like that, or at least to the point it gets me worried. I guess the closest I've experienced related to any energy movement awareness while laying in bed and going to sleep is to feel my internal organs relax deeply and then maybe them starting a recycling process that's is supposed to happen when a person enters a deep sleep state during the night, tho not necessarily being asleep. It can also be several other things such as chakras alignment, or even creating with the mind subconscious expectations about wanting to feel some kind of transmutation..., can also be some emotional issues needing to be resolved, it can be some reaction with some kind of food you're eating in the days you feel this happening and also keep in mind that although you say you meditate sometimes it can happen too much acumulation of energy in meditation that is not being released properly during the normal day routine. Just my 2 cents.


Hey Ahein, I'm sorry you can't relate but I tried my best to describe the situation accurately.
I was concerned at first because it had never happened before but now I will look forward to seeing what I can do with the opportunity.
I probably have some of "all the above" going on so I will continue to work through my expansion and cleanse myself as I go.

Thank you! Wholeness,

Oh, it's not that I "can't relate" to it, because although I never experienced "your" particular situation, I CAN very much relate to that in some way... hence my thoughts on the subject in form of topics to try and help you out. Helping another is also helping the self, in this case I helped myself to innerstand this situation.



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