The wonderful day has finally come. No more reading if you do not want to the Audio version is now here. In addition a "printable" copy of the Code is now available also for those that have been wanting to print the Code but could not due to the black background and the amount of ink that it would take to do so. This will assist in getting the Code to others.
You will find the audio files split into 4 files about 100MB each. These files are approximately 2 Hours long, making the whole book assimilable in 8 hours roughly. I have used the best computer generated reader to do this, although it may take a moment to get used to it of course it saves loads of time. Following along while listening produces optimal results. The audio is matched to the "printable version" of the Code not the original as there had to be a few adjustments when converting from word to pdf.
I will also be doing this for other books I feel are important for members to read, so stay tuned as I will generally be posting audio version to every book that I post from here on. You will find the links below. We are here for you, tirelessly. 
The Code to the Matrix Printable Edition
The Code to the Matrix Audio Files

Update November 16, 2010
A new more clearer audio copy! Thanks to Resistance member Esdsix you will find it below.
Update: July 5
We are no longer affiliated with Matrix Underground as the owner of that site has attempted to steal members from the Resistance behind our backs for no reason other than selfishness and want of popularity. Thus the audio files are being re-uploaded elsewhere to be hosted from another location. You will still find the printable copy of the code available below.

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no... it wasn't working for me either.  What going on with the printable link?  I will try the other post in the forum to see if it works


Let me check on this and see if I can get it uploaded to a server.

Update: July 8, 2011


Here is a mirror link created from Mediafire this should work.


Just finished reading this Book, It took me Two days as i read half then took time to soak it in. Then read the other half. Thank you for this body of work. I will re-read it as soon as i am done absorbing and pondering on what was said. Thank you brother !
I was wondering if there is a second part to the audio? It goes up to a little bit more than halfway.
Givethankx 4 tha gift.

Thank you Sevan, I will share it with pleasure with my friends, its a remarkable document and I found very interesting the first time I read it few years a go.


The audio version only goes up to page 154. Can we get the rest of this version?

I don't think the ones that are on YOU Tube will download onto an mp3. I saw a similar question posted elswhere but it was not answered.


I will print and mail the copy of this book to anyone who cannot do it for themselves.

Seriously though where can i get the rest of this book on mp3 I Love to listen to audio books over and over

I wish to express gratitude to you ...Brother Sevan. The compilation of pictures and symbols alone are priceless. I'm unaware of any other source of such collective wisdom. Providing this information on the internet for free is a testament of who you and your soul are. Your ability to stay sane and alive while communicating this wisdom to others is difficult for me to comprehend.

Peace and Wholeness to you ... and the Resistance Community.



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