Since I was a child of about 6, heck I remember the very first time, I would have these terrifying nightmares. I don't even know if you could call them "nightmares" because I was awake for them...

I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel this heavy and dark energy and I knew instantly, "here we go again."...I would open my eyes to see someone standing in front of me just staring at me, silently.

One time I was sleeping in my brother's bed and woke up and left him there sleeping and went to my dad's bed instead and to my shock, my brother was already in my dad's who or what was that in my brother's bed?
(this is one of the reasons I always knew I wasn't asleep because I'd get up and run sometimes!)

Most of the time it was someone I knew, like my brother...some times it wasn't anyone I recognized.

I would lose sleep and huddle under the covers for hours until it went away.
I have problems falling asleep to this day.

I never really sought help or asked for answers until now. Does anyone have any information to offer?

Thanks, wholeness,


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Greetings, i need a little more information on the part of who it was, and if your saying it was always different people who you saw. and i would also like you to ask your heart on why this was happening, Because the possibilities are endless. 

Now how to deal with this, no matter the situation from shape shifting entities, to your own projections YOU and only YOU have the power to deal with this. I will say that i have had similar situations, and until about 24 yrs old i was scared to sleep with the lights off, a big boy right. Until i realized what kind of power was within, i was in fear, and fear opened lower dimensional portals for certain beings to affect me. Very important to control your thoughts. It may take time, but work with it. 

Technique - there are many, but i would recommend this. Once going to sleep and you realize this is happening. 

-Take a big deep breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

-Acknowledge the situation, have respect for what is happening,

-Now remember that you are ALL, and ALL is you. ALL is self as we say. the good and the bad. 

-Now concentrate on your breathing, and rest in love. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Knowing nothing can effect you until you let it. Whats the worst that can happen? think about it, to fear death is to fear life. 

Notes : Why do we say balance, its to balance negative and positive, fear is leaning more towards negative but it is an emotion that needs to be innerstood. The situation with a lot of programming these days is that many people hide from there fears, and think when will it go away, when will it stop. But why should it stop if you do nothing to stop it. Just like a lot of people think, zombie apocalypse will come or a plague or aliens and everything will be over, never innerstanding that this is programming. They think oh something will happen, and thats the end of the world, and then there problems will be gone, not ever to think that they are letting there fate into somebody else's hands. Giving energy to these thoughts and externalizing there power. Take back your energy, take back your sovereignty! claim your power, control your reality.

Balance in the vibrations of Wholeness

Much love to you

Thank you for your response and help, much appreciated.

It was my brother a couple times, strangers a bunch of times, my dad once....this was all so long ago it's a little difficult to remember them all.

As of today, I get sleep paralysis sometimes...the last time it happened I saw a little jester-looking creature, in a grey/brown jester suit with the hat and the face wasn't human. It looked painted white on one side and black on the other.

As to asking myself why this happened, I can't say at this moment. I let it in with fear.
I will try to meditate on it and see what happens tomorrow on my day off.

Thanks, wholeness.

Just reading your post was starting2 scare me! So you could close your eyes, go under covers, look again and he/d still be there? Real frightening. I have heard of situations similar2 this, but mainly a 1or2 time kinda thing. But having repeated visits may mean it could be some type of energy from your past life or something. Or your family line could have had a link2 the dark arts. Or like Ramob cleverly said, it/s all in the head, control the brain from fear emotions and think happy thoughts. As a kid I made sure2 keep my feet from getting grabbed by what was under my bed.

Well it was scary as hell....I couldn't close my eyes because I'd see faces on the backs of my eyelids. There was no escape. Sometimes they became animated and moved around. It was terrifying and it went on for years, sometimes a couple times a month and sometimes once every few months.
It definitely happened at least 10 times.

I don't know anything about who I might've been back in past lives.

However, family lineage is dark. My last name "Profaci" is the name of a Sicilian crime family, La Cosa Nostra.
My grandfather's uncle, Joe Profaci, was Godfather in NY in the 50's and 60's... one of the first few selected in the famous Upstate NY meeting to run NY. I don't know them well but my entire family is well aware of the connections and my father and his sisters grew up in somewhat of that atmosphere. My grandparents were well involved in the operations. I've never been subjected to it although I am a pretty direct descendant.
I wonder if there's bad karma there that I am responsible for?

You mention a 'heavy and dark' feeling when you woke up to one of these apparitions. Did they ever do anything other than stare at you silently? Not that this alone is not creepy but may give more insight into the W's of the matter. I feel at this point for the most part we are not given much knowledge as children (or adults) regarding the possibility of other energies/beings/etc existing within the same 'space' we are in. This lack of education can contribute to an automatic fear response as something unknown is perceived. How the parental figures respond is also a factor. When my daughter mentioned beings that would simply watch her as well as the experience of a harmless but noisy 'ghost' thumping through our 100 year old house, my first inclination was to determine whether the beings were disruptive enough to be a concern, such as losing sleep as you mentioned. When it was determined that this was the case, I completed a couple of 'smudge' ceremonies throughout the house as that was the resource I was led to at the time. In addition to the raising of household vibration this did the trick. I used a simple template found online but obviously one can incorporate their own words and intention. It worked so well I still smudge on occasion as do many acquaintances. It boiled down basically to stating to the beings that they were causing sleep issues and need to move on. Sounds so simple :) Staying neutral also seemed to help.

As Ramob mentioned the experiences are personal to you therefor the power lies within as far as discovering the W's and subsequently how to balance it out. Although many believe some entities can be malicious or up to no good, a different slant may be to switch from fear to inquiry. I notice when one appeals to higher self sooner or later answers will come whether the experience was yesterday or 30 years ago. Energies may also be restricted to a certain area such as a home, hospital site, etc. A funny story. I was in a psychiatrists office one day with a work client who was experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations. Doc was droning on about increasing medications, etc to deal with the issue and I was dozing a bit I admit. Next thing I know someone sat next to me plain as day I could feel their arm. I open my eyes to see who was in my bubble and there was nobody there. Happened a couple of times until I finally went into meditation to inquire about it. Turned out to be a relative wanting to pass on info. which has been very helpful. I could have just as easily gone into a fear response. And obviously children are not to blame when they experience something that is not within their capacity to innerstand at the time or that is not taken seriously or cared about by those in the parental roles. Especially with large fear output compliments of some media. We are powerful enough to project inner shadows out if we do not have the wisdom to transmute them prior or if on another level we are bringing the experience to ourselves and do not recognize it as such.

I never had physical contact with any of them. One time a procession of what looked like nuns, came through my mother's front door, passed me on the couch and kept walking through the dining room and out the back door....the line stopped at one point and one of the female's bent down to stare at me in my eyes through the hole in my knitted blanket...Then she stood up and the line kept moving. This was the scariest or most memorable of all experiences as my "brother" sat at the kitchen table staring at me for 2 hours before this happened.

The first time it ever happened there was 2 long lines of complete strangers coming from the wall to each corner of my bed. They walked from the foot to the head of my bed and that's all I remember, I was 6 or 7, tops.

I can't recall any of the other experiences just now, at least not that I haven't mentioned already here.

I am grateful for your help as well Jana! I don't know what you mean by "the W's" though, could you expand on that please?

I wish I would've had the fortitude to stand up and see what they wanted.

The W's are just the what, why, when, where, etc. of the situation.  Delving into where, for example, you may consider the location of your home and what may have been there prior. Interesting experiences you must have been highly intuitive to begin with.

Sleeping, huh...well it really makes me wonder since there were varies moments behold worlds so I thought no one else can hear or see whatever its going on when I close my eyes and even though sometimes I've seen figures and colors and thereto times voices or touches but I know I am not feels so good to be here with the Resistance.

Thanks Jana, my intuition has always been peculiarly acute...accurate...instant.
It would be great to know what it would be like without being buried under the weight of the opiate medication I am taking to avoid withdrawal. There's probably lots of potential locked away until I can clear out the energy.
I wonder if I'll ever really figure it out.

Trish, there are amazing beings here for you...use them!


You said avoid withdrawal. Do you believe you are strong enough to handle the withdrawal? Is it pain that worries you? Do you have the ability to take some time away from others while/when you do it? Do you have access to a treatment facility that specializes in withdrawal? Question inundation :)

Hey, I have avoided it for years taking buprenerphine(sp?) and have of course become addicted to that. Some times I wonder how I ever got this far.
I believe I am strong enough to handle the withdrawal without a doubt and twice on Sundays however it is finding the time to come down that proves challenging. I work in a fast-paced environment, engaging clients face to face all day long.(sales)
I have looked into ibogaine as recommended by a Resistance member but it's going to cost me more than I can dish out at one time and they won't take payments up front....can't save because bills eat up the left-overs.

I know I am making excuses but at the same time I do feel the conclusion(s) are practical and sound.

My problem is that I enjoy taking the medication...I take it when I work because I think it makes me feel better or even perform better due to being in a better mood. I take it when I do stuff to make it more enjoyable....even though I know damn well it's just a false belief and that I'd enjoy anything just as much if I could forget about it.

When I was a kid I used to stand in front of objects for minutes, trying to move them with my mind or my hand, without contact....I even had police called to get me off my roof when I was 5 because I swore taping a few wires to my chest would help me fly. I always wanted to be and do more than I knew was I know I can find answers but when I meditate I don't get anywhere, it's like I'm shut down and the system is offline.

I was in a bad car accident when I was 18, as a passenger in a eclipse going 100+ and t-boned a tree at 70mph on my side of the car...driver was killed instantly, the energy went through my hip, herniated some discs but it should've killed me easy.
I know I have big things to do here and I've got this big wall staring me down and I can't get over it.



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