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Thanks goes out the Jeff Rense and Mrs. Moret

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Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on January 25, 2011 at 1:49am

Thank You for Posting this, I sent it to 2 other sites where we discuss what is going on.

This spring a new vaccine which contain artifial life and can cause your immune system to kill itself unless you re-take the vaccine every 2-3 yr.s. I pity people who feel they have to follow society rules to simply live....

H.A.A.R.P. is surely used today and it is possible our weather disasters and the larger effects could be caused by these inbalances such as Earth quakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, volcano erruptions.

The military had  spaceship technology at work since Roswell. Those hightech planes of the early 50's are still used today. So much is hidden from us. Chemtrails leave an aluminum dust which even helps reflect the Blue Beam. Lots more barium in the soil.

Fluoride and Aluminum is in our food and water to affect our phycological and physical health for obvious reasons, we know... sadly many still don't. Big Pharma is the world's biggest Dope pusher.

The likely jobs will always be avalible: join the military or law inforcement. "They" want to convert you so eugenics is being commited by the people "They" want to illiminate.

 None of these accidents like BP oil spill are accidents.

Larry Silverstein is a reptilian. He order the distruction of the WTC; and collected on the insurance.

"they've" rewritten the  NWO 10 Commandments on the Georgia Guidestones

"they're" going to suspend the Constitution by executive order.

chemtrails, pandemics (real or manufactured) Fema Coffins/ Civilian Detention Centers.

Look at our lovely world...... what will our children be taught??

 We never saw it comming but when we did; it was too late...

Why does the media hide the truth but Hollywood Movies are made of these things?

Google, facebook, microsoft watching us know we know..... so when will us knowing cause them concern?

perhaps they have us right where they want us. Ever wonder? They spoon feed us, even when we think we are thinking for ourselves....


I don't think the world is over populated just that people are concentrated in more areas while much of the world is not populated because we chose to live in built communities, running water, electric, cable, septic. No!! I think humans can live along with the terrain of the land even if it means re-learning.

I can not speak of areas of the world I know very little about... but American schools; founder like Horace Mann and John Dewey taught us to obey live Pavlov's dog. That same Communism Stalin instilled.

If not since the wars fought in the 3rd century, it goes much farther back..... some call them Zionist, Khazars, Canaanites.........8,000B.C.?

Some of us still don't realize the "false flags' are blood sacrifices... before the Civil War, before the Revoluntionary War.  Both World Wars... now the genocide in Iran, Iraq, Pakisan, Afganistan, Somalia,Hati  and so many more...."These few Elitist control this world like out of a science fiction movie".....

 We need to be United !!! but still how when Microsoft is injecting new borns with viruses their little bodies can not take?

Monsanto is feeding people through WHO.              so the question is....How?

 Now in the newspaper, no longer will the poor be buried, they will be burned.

 The Post Office is closing 16,000 post offices branches, aprox. 1/2.......  they are in debt to the treasury 12 billion.

was it not on youtube I heard the Post Offices will be also used to detain people....

 Perhaps it is our destiny to witness this... if so, I hope we will retain these nightmares if only to build a better world where we do not repete our ignorance for allowing ourselve to be lead like sheeps to the slaughter.

 I also don't believe we do not have plenty of fossil's everywhere.

 A cleaner way of life is and always has been possible.


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