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Salam, I am "Sharra Bella Cher"

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What is your current spiritual level of innerstanding?
How did you find out about the Resistance?

Each of us is on a path. Many lessons must be learned to grow into what our role is and who we are.


Within... there are 2 reflections of self, that which is seen and that which is felt.

To learn to be one you must be nothing first, then the lesson can begin. You are living an imagionation you have created from a collection of "experiences" that others explained what these experiences meant. Not from your unique perspective but from their collective experiences. You were denfied by others but that is not who or what you are. You must erase that definition and become no-one to learn to become you.  A short story, I have been here many times as a vessel to collect "moments" of past lives. They leave their thoughts, feelings and memories with me knowing I carry them back home from which I came. My own memories go back to age 3.  I knew then I was thrown back into this world. I have always known. I have been back more times than I recall for the stage changes and the world is ready to recycle once again, so then my time going home is soon.

~~~~ I am ready ~~~~

The journey has been difficult as I was told it would be.

 I asked why and my answer was "You chose to come back and you understood that the lessons would be very hard on you". I understood this but still often ask, "Have I witnessed enough pain yet? Has it not taught me enough to move on to the next existence?" The answer was, "No, you will know much more sorrow, much more pain, you will feel alienated with no solace until your natural life ends. This is who you are, what you are becoming. There will be opportunities throughout your life to escape the pain and suffering but you will not choose to deviate from your divine path of learning and because you are an empath you will understand pain in ways many will never know. That is why you will remain and see how fragile the world is. Your understanding will come and go but you will forever remember in your tears there lives compassion. For it is in your tears life was created. Your eyes reflect the world. When you are ready; we will bring you home, rest assured, we will never abandon you. We are always with you, this you will always know even in those moments you pray for death. You know, we will not forsake you. We will continue to assure you throughout this life. You will recognize us; as we will appear to you before you lose faith in why you came back."

Many times I have been reminded.

While in this physical world we have an obligation to defend our freedom. I will not sit quietly while our rights are being stripped away. I am a Libertarian, I am moral. I don’t believe in War caused by “False Flags”, I am aware of the Agenda and I’m converting my green backs into survival gear. If it means becoming a soldier to defend my right to life then so be it.

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At 7:42am on May 21, 2011, Daniel Rose said…

Thank you for adding me as your friend


At 11:57am on May 16, 2011, Shekinah A. said…
Thank you and blessings to you!!!!
At 7:35pm on May 9, 2011, Sharra Bella Cher said…
Honest Jeremy, I'm quite the oxymoron. I don't know if it is true what is said about the Gemini. But some things really ring true. I don't worry about myself as much as my "knowing" may appear as if I do. I concern for others. I have become melancholy over the years but it is because of expections of 'self' by not achieving the many goals I set to do. I knew all of this was comming a long time ago. I had visions of it even as a child. There are lots of long stories I could tell you and I suppose writting books would have helped but time moves far too quickly for me and I took almost 20 years off to raise my children in the world most all believe to be reality. I am pleased to say they each tapped into their own spirituality. Helping them to grow and learn their own path meant I had to teach them to erase what the world was teaching which was no easy task and help them each find what worked for them my 1first obligation. So I for many years was taken from my own path, my ablity to network with like minds simply did not exist. I was oppressed  by society due to my visions and unexplainable gnosis. I literaly had to concern of persecution and  the potential lose my children for my "Far Out" predictions of this time we are drawing nearer to and my ability to communicate with enities who past lived. I had to battle my own 2 spirit guides because they would not take me home. You see, I have not mastered patience. I knew my role would be limited here and wanted to get on with it as the English say. I was given some unspoken destiny of which I felt I did not fulfill and felt I would be of greater service elsewhere but the battle between these 2 elusive somewhat contrary beings has forced me to remain here. My purpose is still unfolding and my survival here is not of my chosing. I'm a fighter and I defy being told what I can or can not do. I had to endure great tragedies, many would not survive and would not wish on anyone. Oddly I inspire others to become more intune
At 12:03am on January 26, 2011, Mel4Change said…
Thank you for your comments on the video I've posted on the Resistance site. Nice to meet you!
At 6:32pm on January 10, 2011, Denise La Roche said…
welcome 2 the resistance sharra bella. so happy 2 have u with us!


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