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At 5:31pm on June 29, 2016, Keeper of Change said…

Thank you for Keeping such a beautiful Light despite the shadowy existence we live in!

At 1:53am on February 4, 2015, Love Magnetic said…

Thank you sweetheart loving the creativity ..setting the tone ..vibration and frequencies Glowing : )

At 1:45am on February 4, 2015, Nate Ribbens said…
Thank you for the compliment Jana. I know where my problems come from. I self medicated for waaay too long. I found The Resistance only a couple months ago and since then have been working to clean out in the 'free' ways and diet. I still have major blocks in my current, and therefore currency. Kind of like trying to do surgery on one's self with a broken arm. One day I will have enough curren(t)cy to break the cycle I am in. My mind knows what I need to do but pain in the body and soul makes slow progress. Thanks again for your support. Wholeness to you.
At 7:17am on February 1, 2015, Joey Beanz said…

Yes Jana I am Joey Beanz the artist :-)

At 10:51am on January 23, 2015, Amber said…

i posted the female/male thing but they have to approve it for it to show. LOL

At 3:14pm on January 22, 2015, Amber said…

Nice to see you here and thank you for sharing this resource!

At 4:49pm on October 27, 2014, Mystic Fire said…

Ready to stay. Thistle and dandelion root is also included as teas.  And the other items you mentioned for the juice also include beats, celery, parsley, etc..

At 7:30am on October 25, 2014, k said…
Over-all i am thankful! really like ur words, true and sweet!!!
At 2:08pm on October 24, 2014, k said…
Hey Jana that was irie!
At 10:49pm on October 23, 2014, Mystic Fire said…

I'm hanging in there.  Palliative physical therapy for my neck/chest/spine will be scheduled sometime next week in an attempt to strengthen these areas.  I begin liver/kidney juice cleanses tomorrow considering my liver/kidneys are beginning to weaken now.  In  the meantime I continue to take my supplements and hope for improvement.

Thanks for checking in.

Healing & Remission,


At 6:33pm on October 7, 2014, Mystic Fire said…

Thank you.

Aye, My will is very strong (My doctor said it will take 'Mind or Matter.). I refuse to give up until I am forced and have no other choice. In the meantime I try to draw remission toward me.

At 4:15pm on October 6, 2014, Mystic Fire said…


Thank you for the suggestions. I'm a somewhat limited with Hospice and Medicaid, but I did visit a holistic doctor who was able to help me identify which supplements would be most beneficially in extending my life. Unfortunately I doubt the mapping is available to me without having to leave Hospice, for I was told they do not do any kind of testing. But I was able to have X-Rays and a Pet Scan done prior to joining Hospice, so at least we have some information about the cancer's location.....you might as well say in every bone.

Aye, it is a confusing journey. Sooner or later it will catch up with me and I want to be ready for the afterlife when it does occurs, although hopefully I have many good years ahead of me before it is a reality..  Right now I'm just concentrating on remission, despite all the doctor's believing it isn't an option for me, even with chemo.(and I am not a fan of chemo).

It sounds like you have some of your own health issues to handle as well. My prayers and healing energies are also with you.

Blessings & Healing,

Darlene / a.k.a. - Moon Masque Mystic / Mystic Fire

At 6:35pm on October 2, 2014, Mystic Fire said…

I'm currently in Hospice. Since they do not allow conventional survival tactics nor testing I have been trying to prolong my life through Holistic measures (supplements advised by a Holistic care physician.)

I'm clearly riding the fence right now, but I am working very hard to try to bring myself as close to remission as possible. If the supplements are going to work, I should see improvements soon.

I have already far surpassed my expiration date. The doctors say I am the only person they have witnessed alive who has this much cancer in their bones.

At 10:56pm on September 10, 2014, Allen said…

It's kinda hard answering how things are in my world, because in my world wicked people run the show and the majority of people on the planet are being programmed into a death culture.  It's quite sad.  For me personally, I'm doing good thanks.  How are things in your world?

At 11:53am on August 1, 2014, Logan landthrip said…
Soooo glad you injoyed :) both of them really reached out to me!
At 7:00pm on July 21, 2014, jahkAtom said…

hei, i putted new songs… not sure you'll like it so much this time, its a bit more mixture of vibes but i think there are some good messages and mainly some great art. would love if you honestly tell me something about them  ( : may the love and the  force company you  

At 10:00pm on July 18, 2014, SeanChristopher said…

Lovely wholeness Greetings sister Jana, it was fun reading your comments to my pics!! That beautiful scene of  open nature and the waterfalls, I actually found on Google, though I've been there in my dreams. Inner experiences led me to search for such a climate, so now that I know they are in fact here, as beautiful as I've been imagining, personal pics are the next progression LOL

At 7:28am on July 2, 2014, Nadine May said…

Thank you for your comment on my images Jana

At 3:22am on July 1, 2014, jahkAtom said…

: )

At 5:11pm on May 19, 2014, Andrea-Ryan Profaci said…

I'm never shy except when it comes to this...my creativity. :)
I haven't written a poem in a while but I had long ago turned it into making hip-hop songs...you know, it was a great excuse for me to feel anger as an adolescent but now I am trying to turn it into something greater...here's where I am at, raw and still in progress, my first song back...I bought some equipment yesterday and commenced the building of a music studio in my spare bedroom. I hope you like it but I prefer brutal honesty! :)

the same people who shaped your belief of whats possible
are the agencies acting hostile barricades and obstacles
NSA’in the opticals ,cable wifi's and hospitals
libraries and school systems, disney channel and hollywood

every main-frame, cache and server room
indoctrination from your cradle to your lover’s womb.
a vicious cycle getting stronger as it spins
but our frequency is rising - as the light grows within (im like)

uhoh –uhoh , it’s over for the dark side
uhoh-uhoh dividing from aparthide
uhoh-uhoh it’s over for the dark side
chains broke and star eyed,  sitting lotus in far skies.

they said it was the end of times,
but that’s just for the smart guys,
slick lies wrapped in 6 phi’s
lets stop starting bar fights and pick up some far-eyes

don’t let 7 get 8 by 9 again, can I feel it tense, (ahh)
That 10’s just a wish, (NAH)…
turn that circle to helix, and heal it
(quick-slow then silence beat, no lyrics this line……pick up on next set)
(screeching back to normal, on beat)

resistance til I fly ‘cause I know death is the big lie
the fear’ll gripped you tight until you realize that love is the real light

loving your neighbor like mothers and brothers,  takes strength some guts, release fear of each-other
what they said were our mistakes were just their cultivated thoughts
3 generations raised off television who can’t admit that we’re lost.

man, it’s so easy to be hard right?
screaming for interdimensional help but you don’t see it a far cry
we think a dead man isn’t? who lives was dead then risen
jesus, Apollo, horus, and christna, different and same ones for every religion

(fast) how did ya think it would come, they made up the game and betrayed everyone
viva, la, resistance.(slow and long pauses)

:chicken scratch:

emancipating the ley lines, wings burnt and horned lies*change that*keep rhythm,

uhohuhoh rejoice in rebirth
from a spine torn of warm lies.
and im so sure he’s a poor guy so now I’d show a brother love  I would tore’his spine off warm lies


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