Please bare with me here!  Have you ever wondered why all animals seem to be born with innate knowings about what they should do to maintain their existence?  Have you ever wondered how a female dog knows exactly how to take her of her litter?  She doesn't have to go to birthing class or be taught what to do.  Are we not atleast as worthy of being born with such knowledge and more?  Think about it! 


We humans spend a lot of time being confused, confounded and confined!  Therefore, we look everywhere for answers to our own questions, outside of ourselves, which most times leads to more confusion, confoundment and confinement.  I'm not saying that we should stop seeking answers outside of ourselves, especially since we now have amnesia.  I'm just saying, that it could be enlightening to use some, if not most of our time refocusing our lens inward, into the greatest pool of self-knowledge or self-actualizing knowledge that exist anywhere in the entire galaxy.  I'm just saying, it could be worth your while to inner-vision, inner-flect and inner-seek.


When people generally ask me how do I know what I know, I know?  I simply respond "I was born knowing".  And when someone ask me what do I believe in, my response is always "I believe in nothing!  I have no use for belief except when it comes to humanity.  I be-"leave" that humanity will abandon its quest, created by humanity and return to it's original state of being and know that it was created whole and complete like all other living things in existence.  Then and only then will balance return to the entire galaxy (universe)".


The further we travel out from our innerselves into the minds and thoughts of mind-space robbers, whose main purpose is to flex their mental prowess through scientific , philosophical, religious or other theories, the weaker we become as whole beings.  Our divine energies are being disbursed into so many different directions (in mind-space) that we are most times not sure of anything and are burning out energy cells that we need to reclaim our divine selves as whole beings.  I'm just saying, what if all answers to our unsure questions are already stored within our divine temples.


I'm interested in any and all thoughts on this subject.  Please feel free...



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Comment by Ipriama Kwan on July 13, 2011 at 10:48pm

What if the only way to control what is happening to us and affecting us on the outside is to control what is happening to us on the inside?  What if our inner world is an exact copy of the universe and galaxy itself and includes all that there is in existence, only is represented in many different and intricate energy forms, plus other kinds of influences that are extra-super vibrational forms? Retreat within!  The further we (our minds) go away from our inner sanctum, the easier it is for our bodies to be controlled by the Bad Ones and their minions.  If the light's off at home, thieves will enter and rob you of what you hold precious.  In this case it's your soul, your mind, your conscious, your body, your God-self!  It's good to know what all the particulars are of everything that is happening to us, but be wise and prudent about protecting your God-given body, mind, soul and do not be led astray (away) from your most precious gift, YOU!  Know that you know more than you think!  Just because you may not be able to identify all the multi-faceted and intricate parts of the illusion that is looming over us, does not mean that you are not already equipped with what you need to defend yourself!  Much of what you find here on the Matrix can help you to activate what's already inside of you.  So, don't get caught up in the chase for so much information that you forget to protect your mind-space.   Check this out...

You can close your eyes people and see the night sky, stars, formations and all.  I kid you not; it's so real!  Inside the space of our minds on various realms are cosmological existences and planets, elements, various kinds of deities, beasts, things and beings that assist us and/or fight to destroy our well-being.  Tjurning us into soul food.  Something to think about.  I'm just saying... Oneness, Ipriama

Comment by nicole stigliano on July 7, 2011 at 2:11pm
If we were born all knowing,life as we know it would not exist. I believe like the dog you speak of we too have those natural instincts. (mind robbers, mind controllers) have been doing a pretty good job at making sure that you dont get to use your natural instincts and make those believe instincts and knowing are null and void and everything has to be taught to you. In my own opinion if i were to be born all knowing i think the life in the body would be like sour milk everything is spoiled and ull have no void to fill. Natural instincts cant be taught they are natural no one can teach you about your innerself you need innerstanding for that. You have teachers and guides who aim to assist you in the right direction. Until last week i never heard of divine neter. But if i hadnt of seen it or read about it i would not know it existed. Its the journey to the knowing that makes it(life,existence) well spent.


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