Colloidals have several benefits to one on the spiritual path. Improved memory, higher conductivity, rejuvenation of cancerous cells, nerve stimulation and increased longevity are just a few scientifically proven effects of administering Colloidals to the body. Beyond science the spiritual and mental benefits are that of remaining in higher resonate frequencies, heightened intuition, reduction of parasites in the system, and a whole benefits, enough for us to make the decision to carry them here.

We have also taken the liberty to secure the highest quality of pure colloidals available on the world market. This is not just about Colloidal Silver, in fact we have chosen not to carry it due to its widespread availability in addition to its ability to be created in your home. Instead we have secured the more rare elements in thier highest quality this is Gold, Platinum, and Iridium. Below you will find a concise explanation of their uses along with direct links to secure them for yourself. Wholeness


Colloidal Gold is a suspension (or colloid) of sub-micrometre-sized particles. 0.9999 pure gold rendered into nanometer sized particles suspended in pure deionized water.

Also known as The Elixer of Life this is the type of gold potion made since the ancient times by the alchemist. The substance itself does heavy damage to pathogens in the system drastically reducing their ability to effect you. Colloidal Gold is a natural stimulant that improves the electrical signals in the nerve cells of the brain.

Spiritually increased mental projection leads to greater spiritual insight, Gold as a conductor comes in to play here. Colloidal Gold reduces swelling in conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, and tendinitis this serves to reduce the pain.

Most impressively Colloidal Gold's effect on the memory is profound, with added conductivity it serves to attune one into expansive states of cosmic energy. A secret of Gold is it retains its frequency and resonates with all other Gold deposits indefinitely. I will leave it for the spiritually incline to divine what that has to do with you as Current and Currency are one in the same.

Dosages - Amazingly you only need tablespoon of Colloidal Gold per day, two at the most and that is pushing it. At that rate a bottle last quite a bit of time.  


Colloidal Platinum - This is not a matter of one being more valuable than the other, you will learn each Colloidal has its benefits and specialty in different areas and stages. Some see Gold and Platinum in reference to jewelry alone but they have much more internal than external use.

With that being said Colloidal Platinum works perfectly on the subtle body. You will experience increased creativity and and overall awareness even when resting. that makes the endeavor of lucid dreaming much more attainable. Colloidal Platinum has a specialty in tissue regeneration for those who engage in rigorous workouts that often take the body to its limits.

I would also like to point out that many think that gaining apex physical health centers around eating animal protein, in actuality it is more about mineral intake and total body absorption of those minerals. Many that work out insist on eating animal proteins as the only way to increase growth. If they look at their shakes, the source of their real growth, they contain mostly metals many of which clog the system and are poorly processed. Go straight for the Platinum when mineralizing for any intense training and you will not regret it especially in the upcoming years.

Dosages - Once again you only need a tablespoon of Colloidal Platinum per day do not drink the whole bottle of any colloidals as if they are a bottle of water this is a warning, be in tune with the body and notice how such a small amount is so effective.


Colloidal Iridium - Simply put Colloidal Iridium is a bio superconductor, etymologically its name is connected to "a messenger" as it is often associated with the particles of space dust. From a strictly inward approach Colloidal Iridium allows you to get in touch with parts of yourself that you have been otherwise out of touch with. It works on the neurological tissues bringing them to full insulation and restoration which is a key to transmission and reception.

You will find high grade iridium spark plugs as the largest reference to the substance on the internet. It doesn't take a genius to read in to its conductive abilities however this time it is put to the test on the organic energy system replete with a Plasma Motor.

Iridium increases metabolism substantially and is the key element in many spiritual energy brews found today. It fortifies the immune system keeping you in great health as you progress. Iridium has been dubbed "the nutrient of consciousness as Iridium is known to spark the biological reality of the ascension process.

Dosages - These are not "the more you take the better off you will be" type substances. It is best to stick to the dosages of one tablespoon. You can also mix Colloidals with dosages matching respectively not to exceed more than 2 Tablespoons per administration. Wholeness


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Comment by kathy st.o on October 1, 2013 at 12:04pm

I am finding that taking the shilajit and colloidal iridium within a 12 to 24 hr. space of one another is generating a more expansive awareness, both in waking and dreaming. I am  noticing this effect about 8 hrs. after taking the iridium.(my personal lag time). This is my first week so it will take awhile to sync this with my system. My dreams are also clearer. One thing I recommend, A Detoxified Lifestyle. The clearer I become the the faster the false lines and boundaries slip away. And I thought I had an open mind before. See the error. All Love, WBV

Comment by Tone on September 20, 2013 at 10:03am

What company do you purchase your colloidal gold from, and how many parts per million is it?

Comment by Russell Lukenbill on September 13, 2013 at 11:16pm

Thank you so much for your time and patience in addressing my query.   As you have both had experience with this substance, I can consider the site a reliable practitioner of colloidal substances.  I shall have the task of instructing myself further, and teaching others who shall come to me, on the range of products avaliable and their effects interacting with my nervous system and body as a whole. With that comes the responsibility of receiving reliable and trustworthy information.  You have rested some of my concerns with these metals, and when it is my time to ingest these substances, you and the good people of this site will be the first to learn of my experiences in as much detail and narrative as I can manage.   Again, you have all shown great fortitude in your abilities to unveil to the masses the infinite expanse, and the greater connections of and to the self.  There is never enough words to adaquatly express my gratitude and reverence of your achivements.  You have guided this wanderers path through many a dark and lonely experiances in the past, and for that you shall have my trust.   

Comment by tomtom biggles on September 13, 2013 at 7:40pm

Im pretty sure if anything in this reality is going to eat your soul its going to be something like a McDs Cheeseburger or any of the synthetic substances that are now found in so many of the foods people ingest these days. And speaking as someone thats unfortunate enough to have had past experiences with both (soul still intact). I think that people should just take the necessary precautions one would take as they do when putting anything new into the vehicle. ;)

Comment by Sevan Bomar on September 13, 2013 at 4:01pm

Yes the worlds fears has it often improperly defining things, do be sure to note that this is not Monatomic Gold it is Colloidal Gold. Most negative posts about soul eating gold stems from the article on the website educate yourself. The authenticity of such articles begs one to ask the question, "did he try it"? After all according to him if he did then he would be missing the lower three chakras or the inverted Triangle of our system. Educate yourself to me means in such cases you need to be sure whoever is educating you knows by experience what they are talking about or it becomes disinformation rapidly.

I just wrote something to a wonderful site member Yvette about it so I will source a part of the dissertation here for anyone to innerstand once more the difference between certain substances and their practitioners.

There is a huge difference between Monatomic Gold and Etherium Gold as far as the branded name. Etherium Gold is a composition of very stable Earth Monatomics from one source or quarry. Monatomic Gold, defined simple for brevity, is a alchemical procedure of purifying gold until it is safe to be ingested. For ease of explanation there are a great deal of different types of Monatomic Golds which vary based on their creators who range from garage chemist to laboratory specialist. Monatomic Gold is easily imprinted when developed so their has always been a precaution when buying abroad, especially since the Art of Alchemy teaches an otherwise hidden internal procedure while it is being procured by the one aspiring to unlock its mystery hence the term inner Alchemy which is worth more than physical Gold. 

You can see them Monatomic Gold as similar to some Ayurveda mixtures in a sense that the practitioner must still endow the substance with his or her essence, which is the overall key to its effectiveness. Wholeness

You can see them Monatomic Gold as similar to some Ayurveda mixtures in a sense that the practitioner must still endow the substance with his or her essence, which is the overall key to its effectiveness.

Comment by Russell Lukenbill on September 11, 2013 at 10:16pm

Thank you for this post.  I have looked into these products for a long time, but have remained undecided.  Mainly due to the fact that I hear so many things from both sides of the aisle.  One site will say that it helps spirituality, while another will say that It takes away your souldom, there is a link from this site where dan winter talks about it extensively.  I am wondering what you would say to convince someone like me to take these substances, and what if any are the negative side effects without an overdose.  Thank you so much.

Much Love to all of the Resistance Crew 


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