DR Masaru Emoto took water from the same source, divided it in two containers, one container he labelled LOVE, the other HATE. He then froze both containers and put them under a microscope. The container labelled LOVE formed the most beautiful crystals, the one labelled HATE formed ugly dishevelled shapes. The same test has been repeated countless times all over the world. When water has been exposed to loving kind thoughts, beautiful pictures, music, such as Beethoven etc, it freezes in the most beautiful crystals. Water, when exposed to thoughts of hatred, pictures, such as Adolf Hitler, heavy metal music, have all tuned out ugly and dishevelled when frozen.

Water is the driving force of all nature, if the world, you, and me, are made up of 70% to 90% water, and our thoughts shape water, how are your thoughts shaping you? .





Trickling down my window pane


I see magic, more than rain


Consciously or unconsciously, effecting our brain


Understanding water, life will never be the same


A conscious awareness, a memory to


It affects my thoughts, my life, and you


The world, you and I, are three quarters   water


It can change your life, your thoughts it alters


What you would find inconceivable


Scientific facts have proved believable


Water has an effect on whatever you’re thinking


It will take you high or leave you sinking


When you next drink water, think love and gratitude


Your life will change and so will your attitude


DR Masaru Emoto, his words are true


Look him up, I dare you!





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