Hello neighbour and friend.

Lately ive been losing sleep. I have this feeling that things are a bit wrong, a bit meaningless... But 'normal' none the less. Whats kept me awake is the feeling that there is nothing i can really do to change what i felt was so wrong.

I find myself worrying every day. As im sure you do too.
Why is food becoming so expensive?
Why has my power bills gone up?
Why am i paying double for water than i did last year?
I know im not getting a raise anytime soon and What if prices keep going up?

Why do i not have a choice in any of these matters? Why do i not even have total control of my own life?

Lately, this has kept me in a horrible sense of hopelessness and i didnt know what else to do. I felt so alone, like no one would understand. It was then i realised we are the same you and i. Although we may be a different age, or race, or gender, we struggle for the same.

So, i thought i would write you a letter. And all i hope, is that you read it, and consider the ideas ive been up all night pondering.
I know that i no longer have a voice when it comes to what my government does. I know they tell us one thing, and do another behind closed doors - with my and your money no doubt.

One thing i dont know, is if those people that take 25% of my hard earned cash are even honest people. Do they have integrity? Will they keep their word? More often than not, as im finding these days, this is not the case. I dont feel like they are on my side, i feel that they are on the side of money, and making as much as they can. Of course, this wouldnt be an issue, apart from the fact that they seem to have little to no regard of its impact of the majority of the people and most importantly, our environment. 

The people in power seem more corrupt than ever, yet they decide my fate just as much as yours.

Even simple things dont make too much sense anymore. All i want to do, is live a happy life. I dont want to worry about if i can afford food, when the earth charges noone to reap the fruit from the trees.
Who are they to make a profit from our human necessity to eat?

Why do we even have to pay to live on this earth (whether it be rent or mortgage)? I was never given a choice.

Every 5/7 days im alive, for at least the next 40 years, i will work for an 'honest income'. Ill have to. I was not born into a 'wealthy' family. I do not have the selfish privilage of living off of other peoples labour. I know for a fact i will have to go work. I know i will have to be a slave if i want to survive in this world we have today. 
I know i have no choice if i want to 'own' my own home, pay all my bills, and of course eat.
I know this future will be one of struggling and worrying over whether or not ill have enough money. When enough is never enough - we've seen this constantly in the Corporations and Banks that consistantly make profits when we seem to have less and less to give and live.

If you feel the same, im not asking you to do anything except give this letter to a friend, or write your own. The more people that are aware, the more people feel that others agree, the more likely it is that we can shape and change our own future.

My ideas are endless, as im sure yours are too.

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