Now is the time particularly powerful between the new moon on 31 of July and the first quarter on 5 of august. This will shift our consciousness in a ways that will result in the creation of our new world.
And from this point of view, I cam on this idea to organize a world wide meditation on the 3 of august between 20:00pm and 21:00pm GMTTime, with the goal to produce rainwater above Somalia and Ethiopia. Of course I hear you or let say I can read your mind, “ I knew that Roberto was a bit rare, this time is going totally nuts”
Well let me you explain why I believe that it is possible, like the tittle say “thought become thing” a very famous slogan of the law of attraction, we can use it for everything we need.
And if you are a Christian, you know that Jesus did miracle happen only by the power of his thought, and if you are not Christian, no problem you know that through quantum physic is possible to make it happen, its enough time demonstated the last few years through peoples like Gregg Braden, Fernado Vossa and a lot more.
If we believe in this theory that work when we use our thought with enough passion. When you know that we can change the identity of the water only by thought, watch this video and see what Dr Masaru Emoto in 3 minutes can show.

when you know and realize that we all are part of the ONE, that if I think positive, at the same moment and in the other part of the world someone can feel it. If you know and realize that we have the power to reduce criminality in one experiment of a concentration of thought together at the same momentum, like it have been done in US when thousand of peoples enter in a deep meditation to reduce criminality in Washington, and the result was amazing, it is not b*******, you can see the result in this article based on the results of the study, the steady state gain (long-term effect) associated with a permanent group of 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs was calculated as a 48% reduction in HRA crimes in the District of Columbia, just follow this link:

So my dearest friends here on internet, we all together have so many connection one to another, so if I use my connection, I probably reach more than 2000 peoples, when this peoples have only 100 friends to multiply, we already arrive at 200.000 peoples who have also friends to share this little thought. Remember that when our American native had to short water, they start a rain dance and it work, so don't be scary, I will not ask you to make this rain dance, just one specific day and when ever you can take in your thought, let produce rain clouds above Somalia and Ethiopia. Do you remember when if have been possible to reduce from 7 to 3 the dangerous tornado when it was approaching Australia and that through a world wide meditation of this matter. So my dearest friends, what I am asking now is not impossible, because we are all part of all, everything is energy connected to each other and we have the power to create the world we want it, a peaceful world. In this powerful time scale of the new moon, where we have the power to realize what ever we want, let demonstrate that we can move mountain when its need, lets fall rain in Somalia and Ethiopia. I cant do it alone, its a very big challenge, so lets all be connected and make it coming true. No obligation, just a small thought for few hours, and if you think that I am nuts than keep this in your mind, I know that out there enough peoples share my theory and will meditate this day, even if this meditation wake up the world wide several government to take action and this time faster, not so many useless meeting and blablabla, this time action and NOW, because this is not a recent problem, I remember that when I was on school and that’s long time a go, peoples in Somalia and Ethiopia ware already dying from to short water in this two country or in general in Africa.
I am nuts and I am proud to be, because I have compassion for my specie on this planet.
Thank you so much in advance for the one who will share my idea and lets all create a great world filled with love, NamastE

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Comment by RobertODurantE on August 5, 2011 at 12:33am

this is crazy and great, look the forecast for Mogadiscu , from tomorrow it get cloudy and after the 5 it start to rain, isn't great, coincidence of effect no matter, they get rain tus water

Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on August 4, 2011 at 4:39pm

Count me in for sure Ill project my best for the region I always send my best for this world I begin radiating spheres of crystalline white light expanding ever outward encompassing all thanks Robert for your compassion I share this with you.



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