This poem is in honor of all of us who have died and sacrificed ourselves (Not only in a physical sense) for Truth and Resistance. Wholeness my Beloved.. Special thanks goes to those leading the way in this day and age; Thank you Resistance.


1000 faces for a thousand days the maze of life remains constant.

I've come so far and yet still, I've got so far to go.

We live in a society of queens where kings have lost their honor.

When the old man knocks all will scramble to rid themselves of karma.


10000 days in flames to maintain pain thresholds.

But there is only emptiness in truthful words.

They often say: your nobody till somebody loves you.

Well let me tell you that I love you; Human race.


Your coldness has kept me preserved like frozen rain.

But you’ve forgotten me as I lay dormant in this realm.

The sound of silence now spills into my ears,

As I awake in a tangled web of oppressors and malevolent spirits.


Ignorance bleeds from the veins of my society.

Seduced by the odor of death,

Impeding our own progression and variety.

My world crumbles with divided men.


But I've fastened my armor and stand ready to go to the ends of worlds for you:

The way you imagine African mothers running after their sons into the ocean.

The way native villages were pillaged with the thieves of promise and tranquility.

These self-centered merchants never can cure you of your needs,

but can only prolong your pain.


Listen to the sound of darkness, but don’t ever let the sun set on a day that hasn’t guaranteed the next.

Because the silent sacrifices we make for the ones we care deepest about can leave us cursing what once was.

My African blood twisted in with Native-American hope; the essence of stolen love and shame:

The products of our violated mothers.


Angels on the sideline stealing quarters from my immortal meter.

I stand hoping to harness the potency of my atomic alchemical structure.

My creator stands beneath me and propels my ascension,

Yet I stare straight ahead waiting for a sign.


I find the beast to be embedded in my flesh.

I yearn to purge from within me these fault lines of dependency.

Wondering dumb-found why God has made a pact with the devil.

Now appearing on my shoulders to cause me conflict.


But I find balance in the center.

My heart is an engine for my soul.

Just as its anagram:Earth, is an engine for the universe.

The very fabric of time dissipates in loneliness.


A friend, a lover, a brother: are merely coexistants in this universe.

Both the past and future are but figments in the mind.

All that is relevant is the now.

We must live and love in Wholeness, never peaces, never scraps.


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Comment by Gnosister on November 30, 2011 at 9:21am

Powerfully touching!  Words that stir both my emotions and thoughts. How we so quickly forget those beyond time and those caught in the illusion of time, those who have transitioned and those who are with us who sacrifice and continue to sacrifice for us. To them, to us, Love and honour!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful scribe.

Comment by Poeticneedlez on October 1, 2011 at 6:50pm
Thank u Famly.. Appreciate the feed back :-)
Comment by Bert Ward on September 30, 2011 at 9:13pm
Across the Thousand Days, Brother I hear you!! A very moving piece of work from you. Thank You.
Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on September 23, 2011 at 8:34am
"But I've fastened my armor and stand ready to go to the ends of worlds"  I am with you We are with you and amongst, YEE! this a great piece brother thank you.


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