Wholeness Resistance Family we are truly in an amazing time however we want to make sure as many people as possible are feeling the way. The basic fundamentals to enlightenment have always remained the same, the additional information that one receives about etymology, conspiracy, and the occult is just that, extra. It is very difficult to comprehend such expansive subjects with a contracted Mind, Body or Soul since this is very similar to looking at something through a dirty filter or lens. This more often then not leads to misinterpretations and lack of depth on the subject due to unseen distortions.


I receive hundreds of inquiries a week on a vast range of topics and while those inquires are often specific and related to a direct situation the person may be experiencing often times the solution is the same, cleanse. So I will list here some benefits of Whole Body Cleansing also known as Complete Internal Cleansing so everyone can have an idea of how that will adjust your life towards the direction you wish.


Mind - It is clear that many enter the Path of Expansion with a great deal of questions. Questions about God, Government, and Afterlife. These questions are no light matter, in fact they are very heavy and deep concerns that often render answers one may not be so willing to accept even if its the truth. This is due to the mind becoming clouded over time with so much data and junk information that it is having a hard time sorting and digesting properly. In addition because the Mind, Body, and Soul work in tandem restraints can mentally occur due to physical blockages.


The condition and temperament of the Mind is often effected by the overall state of the Body and Soul. For example an agitated stomach has an tendency to cause anger and agitation which then reflects on the persons mental character. They may then get in to more arguments and lack patience to deal with others. These causes and effects can easily be controlled by self through the proper methods of cleansing.


Body - As I always mention you cannot drive a car for a prolonged period without washing it and changing its filters and fluids, the body is no different. Most external vehicles in the reality are inorganic replicas of our actual physical organic vehicles know as our Bodies just as planes mimic birds. Most people never think about cleansing their body when they feel like everything is fine, more often then not they wait until some type of ailment fully manifests and often times it is much more difficult to rid oneself of if the sickness has gained a foothold and begins to propagate.


The fact is you cannot know what a clean body feels like until you step in to one. Most people have not experienced this feeling since they were babies, a time so distant they can no longer recall. What you may think is a healthy feeling may in fact be only a fraction of how wonderful you can truly feel. When you cleanse you lose unnecessary weight by purging toxins and cleaning the organs. This is not however only exclusive to just physical weight but also spiritual weight which manifests as spiritually draining ties and bonds. In addition you shed mental weight which comes about through worrying.


When the body is free and free flowing everything else follows suit as everything you experience in life happens first internally be it positive or negative and then manifests itself externally. Have you ever noticed how sickness totally changes ones attitude and outlook on life? These examples are clear proofs of the guaranteed benefits from cleansing since it works both ways. Place your body in optimal condition and the other more subtle vehicles will follow.  Often times we attempt to mentally remove problems, if you have found no success using this method of a physical cleanse is sure to accomplish the task.


Soul - It is no mystery to us that our overall purpose in the Universe is to expand our Soul through experience. Compassion, Courage, Persistence, Resilience, and Innerstanding are all traits of growth that we can utilize. When you are absorbing your experiences properly it often leads to a content state of being associated with completion and security. This has a tendency to erase ill feelings of the past, after all if you are happy with yourself now you know that changing anything in the past may unseat your present happiness.


As we spoke about earlier when the body is brittle and cancerous it does not absorb nutrients properly. If you can think of the spiritual manifestation of this which is not being able to complete a quest or challenge in life you can see how important it is for the Soul to be inside of a body optimized for your mission at hand. This mission is your own emancipation which one does not have to wait until death to experience. You can be free now inside of your own Innerverse!



We have decided to take the art of internal cleansing one step further by doing a step-by-step live 9 day cleanse in which anyone can choose to participate. We will be utilizing the Astral Quest platform inside of the Ascension Techniques Venue for this presentation starting on March 11, 2013 @ 9:00 A.M. C.S.T. During these shows which will last approximately 2 hrs each day we will be discussing a great deal of things such as Whole Body Breathing and Crystal Meditation and all the great topics related to awakening, expansion, harmony, and ascension. We will also introduce activities that one can participate in while they are cleansing in order to take the mind off the stomach. :-)


We encourage everyone if you have the capability to order your Internal Cleansing Kit or Colon Cleansing Kit before the event which will take place in approx 2 weeks so do allow time for shipping (appox. 5 working days), however, if you have any type of constraint and will need to participate later you will always have the archived shows to follow along with. We will also be offering a 15% discount on all Internal Cleansing Product, you will need to use the code. (Virtual Cleanse) with no brackets in the Wholeness Store checkout.


There are different levels to this cleanse so don't discourage yourself before you consider participating. The cleanse is separated in to 3 categories based on the intensity of the cleanse.


Good - Supplements including light meals in the day and evening (some solid foods)

Better - Supplements including a light evening meal. (few solid foods)

Best - Supplements (no solid foods)


You can acquire your internal cleansing products by clicking "here"

This page will be continuously updated with more information so be sure to check back in from time-to-time. Wholeness


*MBS - A Resistance coined term abbreviating Mind, Body, and Soul


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Comment by james on March 4, 2013 at 3:55am

Got my kit today...turned out to get her much quicker than expected! I'm wondering if it's ok to star now with the colon cleanse perhaps and then be ready for the Internal cleanse when it starts Sunday (my Monday). Thanks Sevan and every-one :)

Comment by Skye Season on February 25, 2013 at 5:53pm

This is perfect!! I've had my internal cleansing kit for a while now just sitting around because I didn't want to mess up. Now I can join in on the virtual cleanse. I'm stoked!!  

Comment by james on February 25, 2013 at 4:25am

got the internal cleansing kit...yeah! hope it gets here in time...looking forward to a good purge :)

thanks guys

Comment by Anthony Stuart on February 16, 2013 at 7:39pm

also im glad you changed the date to the 11th on the new moon...and after the 9th day of the cleanse is the equinox. i can already feel the vibrations getting stronger ;)

Comment by Anthony Stuart on February 16, 2013 at 6:20pm

just ordered an internal cleansing kit. looking forward to the virtual cleanse and fine tuning my body to be in harmony and balance with my mind and spirit. these exciting times are about to get even more exciting :)

Comment by Sucram on February 10, 2013 at 3:17am
Great. Iam in
Comment by Siela on February 7, 2013 at 8:38am
I'm on board
Comment by KD on February 5, 2013 at 1:47pm

Sevan, thank you! You are simply amazing, this is a wonderful idea. Thank you for inviting the Resistance family to do this virtual cleanse. I look forward to the exciting activities still yet to come. 



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