The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself! *FULL VERSION*

This is a must watch ladies and gentlemen. I have made this video, and I'm back on it again. I'll try to keep 'em coming.


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Comment by Ryan McShane on December 13, 2011 at 1:51am

After engaging in the experience of the sacred mushroom, one comes to the realization that all that exists is created from the same source universal energy electromagnetically whereas the word "Magic" stems from the word "Electromagnetic." Electromagnetism is the key to understanding how love(living one vibrational energy), gravity, and emotions are all connected intimately. Our imagination manifests itself into reality. Once we remove fear from our existence, we will be ready to move on to the next dimension. The video above has the potential to provide key information that could shape many of the things to come which would explain why it is already being heavily censored on youtube. It has only posted one view in the last 3 days which I know for a fact is inaccurate as it is the main video on my youtube channel (, and my channel's videos cumulatively get a fairly large amount of views per day (4-5k). The elite may take the idea of oneness to a whole new level to promote their agenda; they have a tendency to smelt fact with fiction (ie Alex Jones, the Illuminati Gatekeeper himself). In this case, the fact is that we are all one, yet the Elite teach that we are all one yet to only take care and better yourself and your own. The truth is that we all are one, and we need to help each other like a UNIT. Instead of listening to Satanic individualism teachings, we simply need to come together as one in a civilization based on contribution. If men do not come to that realization soon, then we may end up going through a loop --getting stuck in 3D again until we get it right. We must go back to nature to restore balance to the world; technology and machines will only serve us by radiating us to the point where the entire race turns albino. I had a dream that many 'white" people were actually "black" people that were radiated over thousands of years reducing melanin and creating an albino race. Then, that albino race lost the ability to reproduce, and they came back through time to rejuvenate their DNA. They realized that technology was not the answer, and they went back to nature. Although this was simply a dream, I believe there may be some truth to this... I also believe that not all white people came from the same place. I believe that the Irish are the descendants of ancient Atlantis as news reports surfaced showing that there was nuclear radiation found 13,000 years deep off the coast of Ireland a couple years ago. I believe that the "white" people in power may be from the future traveled through time electromagnetically.

Comment by Azu Kosmos on December 7, 2011 at 10:06pm

This is a response to Neil's comment. The way I see it is that yes we are responsible for all that goes on in this world past, present, and future. Now I am going to go a little weird here so bare with me. We are all individual spirits connected to and part of each other. Different parts of a whole, so to speak. As we have come to this plane of existence, each of us by choice and for the same yet different reasons. We are All here to learn, observe, experience and grow in order to move on to a higher plane. Many of us have been on this plane before and did not acquire what we needed to continue, others have been on this plane before, acquired what they needed yet chose to return in order to help and guide. As we observe and experience what we learn and how we respond may effect our transition. As all things are energy and all things vibrate the energy and vibrations we emit will indeed have an effect on this plane. It may not be noticed by us, but it is there none the less. We can choose to allow these observations to bring us to a state of depression thus causing our vibrations to emit that energy.  The thing is to be the cause and not the effect of all we do. The events happening here and now have their cause from the past and the future. So we do need to be mindful of how we manage ourselves with the knowing that the effect is far reaching. We are a microcosm of all of creation, separate yet the same. As we manage ourselves so we manage the universe.  


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