The moon seems to arouse all images from literature to superstition. Man comes to believe that the moon is associated with fertility, murders and suicides and werewolves. In religions, for some reason Buddhists go to temples to pray on full moon nights while Muslim worship the Moon God.

Some mental patients feel restless on full moon nights. For me, it is a good night sleep. These beliefs about the moon are really no facts at all.

The only true thing about the moon that it regulates ocean's tide. Unlike other mammals, human females menstrual cycle closely correspond to the the moon's cycle of phases. It appears why human females are closer related to nature. That why the so called illuminati wants to corrupt them. Another thing to add, there are more human births during the full moon.

Afterall, there are unexplained lunar influences and we still need to guard against absurd nonsense about the moon.

Testimony taken from George O Abell

Origin of the Moon

The moon was formed when planet Nibiru collided with Tiamet. This video might be block depending on your location.

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Comment by Daniel T Deely on October 5, 2010 at 1:29pm
Another good read on the subject is 'Time Warps' by John Gribbin. The Buddha philosophy knows the nature of time as well as its relations to the universe. It is one of the revelation reveal in this book.


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