Now we are talking Chi! I'm just going to tell you why it works, how it works, and how fast it works. Of course we have all been working on building and cycling Kundalini Energy. Just to be clear Kundalini, Chi, Prana, and Life Force are all referring to the same Essence. 


We have already identified that the Kundalini Energy for most humans is locked away in the Muladhara Chakra. A great deal of what has occurred between the ages of 1 - 7 years old in a persons life has caused blockage in the energy system. We have discussed how you can choose to work with the Mind, Body, or Soul in order to work out these kinks. I now present the Chi Booster to handle it on the physical level for vivid results. 

The Chi Booster is a high end Chi machine with a unique elliptical motion pivotal for real results with Chi stimulating devices. The machine works beginning in a 1Hz motion that synchronizes your entire body from the bottom to the top. The technology itself was developed by Japanese scientist exploring the field of Chi stimulation, the product was later perfected by our manufactures. It is important to not be fooled by cheap imitations. 



The idea is brilliant and effective. I would first say that I have tried it myself and it does what I'm describing so the product is bonafide and has been approved by our Anti-Placebo vivid results only Staff. This device works to bring stagnant Chi from the root area of the body in to the midsection up the spine and in to the higher faculties. You also must consider that gravity forces our spine to crunch down upon itself, the Chi Booster assists in gently pulling your spine back in to its original design increases Chi flow and spinal strength.


In addition the Chi Booster is the best for stimulating the all too important lymphatic system that governs a great deal of the energy movement within the body. Greater circulation, increased levels of Chi, and rhythmic balancing are the sure recipe for higher levels of activation which lead to lucidity and greater control over the spirit body.

The Chi Booster's fish-like motion works an “S” shape up through the entire body coiling the energy from the base up to the crown in waves. The unique elliptical move­ment adds lift at the end of each stroke. Other models not equipped with this design feel jarring and simply move back & forth. This is key to getting the true results this device was initially designed for while in prototype stage.

Building Kundalini is not the only thing the Chi Booster does it actually assists in multiple areas especially for those who may have limited mobility. Health benefits include.

  • Back and Neck Pain Relief - Stiff Joints and Muscles are deeply loosened
  • Stimulates circulation causing a Lymphatic drainage and massage
  • Mental relaxation - As the Chi energy balances and increases deeper levels of relaxation are obtained
  • Tingling and Pranic stimulation every time - You will vividly feel your Chi and learn to manipulate it.


This unit has a digital screen, control over timer, 3 auto modes with program­med speed changes, and dial control so precise, it can be altered in increments of 1 rpm. Speed range is a broad span of 80-160 rpm.

The Chi Booster Flow Extended Motor can run continuously for 3,000 hours with a 44lb load before overheating. The unique elliptical motion that all Chi Booster machines have provides smoother movement than ma­chines that only move side to side, and boasts stable performance, even for larger persons weighing up to 280 lbs.



The Chi Booster features 3 auto modes specifically programmed to maximize your use of the equipment. These modes are:

  1. Auto 1 - Relaxation: This setting is prime for experiencing the overall effects of the equipment with a primary emphasis on cultivating and balancing Chi.
  2. Auto 2 - Oxygen Mode: Maximized Lymphatic and circulatory stimulation.
  3. Auto 3 - Sleep Mode: Preparatory conditioning for the lucid dream state and optimal rest.


The Chi Booster weighs 15.6 lbs (more than most other cheaply built brands), and has a broad, 19” base, offering the best in stability during the massage, even for users weighing up to 280 lbs. Lighter machines simply can’t provide that!

The Chi Booster has a generously padded synthetic leather ankle support, ergonomically fit for all body types. But with a ribbed steel base plate, high-impact shell, and solid construction, The Chi Booster is as tough as it is comfortable.




   Technical Specifications: 

To purchase a Chi Booster click "here"

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Comment by C Thy Catalyst on August 28, 2012 at 6:30am

Does it have different power point adapters ? for different parts of the world.

Comment by murielle on August 27, 2012 at 12:16am

what about shipping to europe and do you have a 220 volts chi machine?

Thank you

Comment by Ayla Jones on August 26, 2012 at 1:49pm

How noisy is this machine?  Interested in purchasing it but would like to know whether it is noiseless or loud?  Thanks.

Comment by C Thy Catalyst on August 25, 2012 at 10:00pm

HAhahah get out of here lol blown my mind hahaha science has stepped it up yet again.

Comment by Bret A. Warshawsky on August 25, 2012 at 6:02pm

We should affiliate/collaborate for my Free Energy Roadshow that is developing... check it out and let me know sometime if you have any interest. Love your work! Peace.. Bret.


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